June 23, 2015

Teacher: Lowering boy into trash can was meant to calm him

A special needs teacher accused of putting an autistic 2nd grader head-first into a trash can testified that she was joking around with the child when she did it.
The teacher is charged with child cruelty, and on Monday, the school system took steps to fire her.
Mary Katherine Pursley faced a tribunal – something she requested in a fight to keep her job.
It's a panel of retired educators who will determine whether the district has grounds to fire her for incompetency and insubordination. This is unrelated to the criminal charges.
Pursley does not deny the trash can incident. On Monday, she had a chance to explain it.
"I had a strong hold of him," she said. "He wasn't flailing around or anything. I had strong hold of him. He was crying. He was screaming already, very loudly.
Pursley told the tribunal she took the action because the student -- referred to as "T" -- had been hitting other students and screaming. The incident occurred at Mt. Bethel Elementary School on April 30, after school, with several witnesses.
"She told him that he, if he was continuing to talk trashy – that trashy talk, trashy behavior – belonged in the trash can" said Lynne Parry, special education paraprofessional at Mt. Bethel.
Pursley does not deny that. She testified she used a reference to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, telling him she wanted to shake it out."
"Like a shake shaker or to shake his grouchys," she said.
Pursley described how she scooped the boy up with his legs over her right arm and his shoulder on her left arm.
"I just went like this," she said.
"Was he facing up or facing down or facing sideways?" she was asked.
"He was facing up," she answered. "He was looking at me in the face."
She says she and "T" had a loving, joking relationship, but a district investigator says the child had a different view of the incident.
"In his testimony to me, he did not take it as being joking. He did not see it as being teased," said investigator Chris Dowd. "His demeanor changed. He clenched his fist and got visibly angry and stated, she makes me so angry, I just want to get away from her."
The tribunal will make a recommendation to the Cobb School Board, which will ultimately decide if Pursley should continue teaching. The panel has until Friday to decide.


  1. This pseudo-teacher should receive at least a hundred lashes before being flung into a cesspool.The bloody hag!

  2. This is a sympthome of collective collapse of education, and how different people truly are, this have been hibrenating in the reasnt decades anually "revolution" of education where new and more insane work is flung upon the teacher.

    You cant use a ordinary class to hide the problems, some people need special care, not that they are fundamentaly more different than anyone else, but they simply not always fitt the comon core and the comon ground the school is.
    And for the teacher the work becomes more difficould, when there are few people taking all the time, to prepare, and to have their pedagorical perseptions in place all this requires a lott of paper work.
    And all in all, this is what destroys the class, it makes it consivably more difficould to maintain an good standard, when tasks rise exponentialy every new year with new areas of responcebility.

    This is the reason I dont wana be a teacher, its to mutch everything else than teaching.
    And some even belive if you go to a labour oriented class as Process tec. or mechanical/electrical education lines that this are for people that is braindead.
    When everything I teach is pure math.
    Do you have any idea of what an PID regulatore is, do you, this is fundamental to anyone that will learn process tec.

    People with specal need are the real looser in this, and since they are statisticaly few, the school have a more loose frame to educate them and act upon, in the end, as my Tests was conducted I asked about Knowledge, how they do it, what they do it with, and where, i dont give a shit about, because the bottom line is, have the person understud this.
    If so, he/she( in a world of morons one forgetts the writings, and specaly since we tend to write in male tense, this is just an hickupp from the education and then some peoples ability to missunderstand f..... knows everything makes noice about gender orientation, but belive me sister, Im an alpha male, I tread everybody and anything equally, anything, can YOU do that) pass, and if the task is supricing and new to me, the person will be given topp grades, and understanding is to me the sole essense, the rest is filling.
    And I am an hardcore fundamentalist, regading to learn the basics, in everything, I can stil use math at levels few can if you dont work with it regulary, but to me, a dyslectic, I can visualise math, visualise the issues, the calculations, the curves, fractals, inverting/eponentials, and so on, but i am lousy in writing.
    WE arent created equall, thank God for that, otherwise I would have bored my self to death decades ago, but this is forgotten when we ariwe at ths school system, witch isnt able to realise the differentiation of human consciousness.
    Pitty, Einstein would NEVER have do this to day, never.
    And thats because HE was dyslectic.
    And we both grew up in a neo-darwinian society and "science" where we where considered to be close to druling idiots.


  3. waste of good air, water board her and anyone who thought this was a good idea,, less scum like this the better for all

  4. Guillotine_readyJune 24, 2015 at 6:26 AM

    Lowering the teacher into the open grave calmed the children. It was the best medicine ever for the stress they had endured. Long held beliefs that killing is wrong have undergone a rethinking in the last few years as the fact that so many in positions of trust are actually dishonest, self important getter trash has become well known. After a period many thought would be horrible but which removed much of the corruption in the society it is a new day and people can for the first time in many years breathe a sigh of relief.

  5. You can't expect teachers to handle classrooms of 20 or more kids, some with special needs, by themselves without incidents like this one happening. Teachers need back up help today. Especially when so many of today's kids are autistic and can be extremely hard to keep under control. I'm not saying what she did was OK, just that maybe we need a "panic" button available to teachers who can call someone especially trained to handle special needs children in tantrum mode. They can seriously hurt themselves or other children during one.

  6. If you merely suspect that you won't be able to handle a classroom of 20 or more, with some of them having special needs or not, well don't opt to be a teacher: you'd better apply for a job as a killer, a cop, or a toilet cleaner.