June 24, 2015

US prison break: Jail tailor used pastries to lure guard into helping killers?

As more details tumble out on how female prison employee Joyce Mitchellhelped the killers escape out of maximum security prison, it has surfaced that she used to lure the prison guards by offering baked food items like pastries to pass on favours to the inmates.
According to a CNN report, Joyce Mitchell used to bring baked food items for the escaped killers' prison guards and in exchange got the two inmates' cells next to each other.
Mitchell, who has been charged for helping the killers escape, has admitted that she passed power tools like hacksaw blade, chisels, drill etc to the Richard Matt and David Sweat, who later cut through steel walls and made their way out via a maze of tunnels to finally come out of a manhole near the jail gate.
Mitchell is said to have hidden the blades in a hamburger meat and managed to lure the guard so as to spare a metal detector test.
However, the guard's attorney says he was “conned” by Mitchell, the report adds.
Gene Palmer, who used to guard the two killers on the honor block, says he was clueless about the meat containing hacksaw blades.
The killers Richard Matt, 48 and David Sweat, 34 reportedly used power tools to cut through a steel wall and moved through a meander of tunnels before finding a way out of a manhole.
Both were reported missing from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, during a 5:30 am bed check on June 6.
In an act of chutzpah, the escapees also left behind a note saying, “Have a Nice Day”.
In a slick escape plot, the inmates used look-alike decoys resembling their sleeping selves, besides power tools.
The New York State police along with few other agencies like Forest Rangers, US Marshals, the FBI, etc. are engaged in an intense manhunt to nab the two convicts.
The law enforcement officials have so far got hundreds of leads, but in the most conclusive lead, the police have discovered the DNA from the two killers inside a cabin in Mountain View, not far from the prison.
“We have evidence that the suspects may have spent time in this cabin,” said Major Charles Guess of new York State Police.

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