June 24, 2015

Watch: Mummy Rabbit battles with a snake to protect baby bunnies

Never mess with a mom. This was proven yet again when a video showed a mother rabbit fighting off a big black snake about to feast on baby bunnies.
The video posted on YouTube shows mama rabbit emerging as a Supermom. You will surely forget the tussles between a mongoose and a snake after watching this video, which has gone viral on social media.
The footage shows a large black snake gradually wrapping itself around bunnies in the grass.
Seeing this, the protective mother rabbit suddenly jumps on the snake to save its offsprings.
What follows in the video is bound to make viewers stay hooked. The mother rabbit just does not stop and continues to attack till it teaches a lesson to the snake.
In the video, filmed either in the US or India, the terrified snake makes a number of attempts to slither into the grass. Each time the reptile tries to climb on the garden wall, the mother rabbit pulls it back and gives it a tough fight.
At one point, it seems the snake defeats the rabbit by biting it, but the fearless creature makes a comeback.
The tussle between the two creatures continues until the snake flees the spot.
Here is the video:

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