June 15, 2015

Black MSNBC Host Wonders if There Should be New Racial Categories

Melissa Harris-Perry is well known for being a left wing crackpot. This is a woman who wore tampon earrings on the air.
She’s completely jumped the shark on the Rachel Dolezal story.

From Chicks on the Right:
Everyone, CALM DOWN! MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry has officially weighed in on the white-chick-pretending-to-be-black controversy, and she totally has a theory.
Rachel Dolezal may still be black, because there MAY be different categories of blackness.

The two women in the video are actually trying to come up with a new racial category.
Harris-Perry actually wonders if Dolezal is ‘actually black’.
They discuss trans-black and cis-black. Trans and Cis are terms used by transgenders.

How many categories would they like to make up?
Can black people be trans-white? What if they put on makeup like Dolezal to make their skin look a different color?
And what if Dolezal was a Republican who was the president of a Tea Party chapter? Do you think these left wing nutjobs would be having the same conversation?
The answer is NO. The only reason they are giving Dolezal a pass is because she’s a leftist.


  1. Thomeone needths to look intho Melitha Harrith Perry's background and find out if her parenths are in fact white or black.

  2. Mulatto, quadroon, octaroon...levels of blackness have already been named. What are these two talking about, self-labeling your race according to the way you THINK? Crazy. If your family has been in America for more than five generations, then you are a mongrel. You have 'white' blood, 'black' blood, 'American Indian' blood and so on in your past. These endless debates over nothing are distractions. The mulatto Barack Obama is attempting to destroy America with the Trans Pacific Partnership this week. Is his white half doing that, or his black half? Let's debate his bloodline rather than his soup lines.