June 15, 2015

New York State Allows An Illegal Alien to Become a Lawyer

We all know New York state is one of the most liberal states in the union.  And, given its left-wing leadership, it is also one of the most welcoming states for illegal aliens.
But, thanks to a NY court decision, it has gone beyond anything we have seen so far by the pro-amnesty crowd.
One News Now reports:
An immigration enforcement advocate contends that by allowing an illegal immigrant to be licensed to practice law, the State of New York is encouraging law breaking.
Earlier this month the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division made a decision to allow, for the first time, a law school graduate who is in the country illegally to practice law in the state.
Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says the court is making a mockery of the rule of law.

“We have generally throughout our history held lawyers to a high standard, that if you yourself are in violation of the law … you cannot be recognized before the bar,” he explains. “And yet you have states like New York and California that are breaking down those very important legal barriers here that really stand for the integrity of our judicial system in this country.”
Cesar Vargas graduated from the City University of New York School of Law in 2011 and was able to pass the bar exam. At first the state refused to allow him to be certified because he is an illegal alien, but he kept battling in the courts and finally prevailed.
Let’s see if we understand this correctly – an illegal alien who has broken U.S. law by coming into the country illegally has just been made an officer of the court, charged with upholding U.S. law.
Can anyone else see how convoluted this picture is?
This New York appellate court has made a mockery of U.S. law with this ruling.  How can they claim they are upholding U.S. law by turning a blind eye to its violation?
Welcome to Obama’s America – where certain laws apply to certain people at certain times.  Not very Constitutional, but fits perfectly the profile of the “banana republic” President Obama is “fundamentally transforming” America into becoming.
But, there is another side to this situation as One News Now explains:
Mehlman makes another point: by granting a law license to an illegal immigrant, the state may be putting ordinary citizens in violation of the law.
“It is illegal under federal law to employ an illegal alien,” he points out. “If somebody hires that attorney, they are technically in violation of federal law as a result of New York’s actions. We’re creating a situation where unsuspecting people could be induced into violating federal law.”
Should any such violations occur, Mehlman believes it’s highly unlikely that the Justice Department under the current administration would prosecute them.
So, there you have it – this New York court is exposing countless legal U.S. citizens to felonies if they hire this attorney since he is an illegal alien.
Boy, doesn’t that sound just like the kind of legal mess that predatory lawyers thrive on?  I can see the multiple state and federal lawsuits now and the parade of “civil rights” lawyers laughing all the way to the bank!

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  1. An illegal as a lawyer? Why not? We have one as President, so no big deal.