June 10, 2015

Google Search Proves Liberals, Google Have No Idea What “Bigotry” Really Means

 When you type “bigotry” into Google, this dictionary definition pops up first on your search screen.
intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself
Search “bigotry” on, and you get the same result.
Yet, do another Google search of “bigotry,” this time selecting images, and up pops a series of illustrative liberal talking points ruthlessly attacking Christians, Republicans, the Second Amendment, the family, the Tea Party, capitalism, Fox News, and the pro-life movement.

You can perform the simple search yourself to see all of the images, and since some of them have copyrights, we can only reproduce a few of them below. But here are some of the first ones that pop up that we can display:

Google needs to change this and Liberals need to pick up a dictionary.
What do you think of this?


  1. Bigotry and prejudice are a part of human nature. It is animalistic in origin. Basically it is a perversion of discrimination, the denotative meaning. In other words, an animal is instinctively cautious to anything unlike itself, anyone outside the tribe or group in which one belongs.

    As in all things, a lack of knowledge tends to create a shy creature, fearful of what it does not know. Different peoples have lived in different environments which create a different way of culture. An Eskimo has a need for many different names for ''snow" where as a resident of Southern Arizona has virtually no need for the word "snow".
    Bigots are generally people who are not informed or greedy for their dominance in a world always competing for resources. That is if you are not knowledgeable and learning which is the greatest way to independence.

    In France, during the Revolution, it was thought that a republic can not exist without an educated populace. It amazes me how in the world of modern technology where people can access any information or it's source lack knowledge.

    Must be the rat race, we are all too busy and distracted to really learn and become knowledgable.

  2. No, bigotry is not merely hesitation at something new, which is the animal instinct that is one of the functions that human consciousness rests upon.

    Yes, animals are hesitant, but that is a form of instinctual discrimination. It is less conscious than rational discrimination, but it is not bigotry.

    The human consciousness is not inherently bigoted, as evidenced by the fact that if you leave humans to their own devices they tend to be less bigoted. Most bigotry is caused by people reacting to being manipulated by higher powers but blaming it on some group with lower status.

    Also intelligence has nothing to do with shyness as the most simple of unbiased observations would lead you to see. Bigots can be very well-educated and open-minded people can be quite unintellectual. You are clinging to a 19th century view of human behavior.

    It is not surprising at all that in an era that only emphases one mode of intelligence over other modes of intelligence, that we are seeing more bigotry. The idea of cold analytical thinking over other modes of intelligence has failed. The idea of calvinism and its twin Marxism, that humans are intrinsically "bad" and need to be restrained for their own good, is so outdated, only the enemies of the human spirit still cling to it.