June 10, 2015

REVENGE: Obama Cuts Off Aid to School That Rejected Michelle’s School Lunches

President Obama is famous for punishing his political enemies – it’s the Chicago Way of doing things in politics.  But now, he has taken things a step further and is punishing children in a school to make his point.
Why would he do this?  Because the school decided to end the Michelle Obama school lunch program.
This seems unbelievably petty, but it is true.  The Conservative Tribune reports:
President Barack Obama is a petty and vindictive man who not only endlessly berates his political opponents, but also punishes schools that reject his wife’s horrible lunches.

Case in point: Obama chose to redact $170,000 in funding for a Minnesota school that opted out of First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch program.
Prior Lake High School had to raise lunch prices from $2.45 to $2.95 to make up for the loss, though it stood firm in its decision because Michelle’s program was hurting the kids.
“Under the federal program, the serving sizes did not meet the needs of our students,” Janeen Peterson, the district’s director of food services, explained to reporters.
Yep, this Minnesota school lost almost $200,000 in federal aid because the students refused to eat Michelle’s “healthy” (read – 3rd world portions) menu.
The Conservative Tribune explains further:
Because Prior Lake High School exited the program, students are now free to “take the serving sizes they want, free from constraint,” which means that they don’t have to contend with feeling hungry all day anymore.
 Furthermore, the school spends less money on food preparation and more easily constructs menus.
So, here is a school that took positive steps to insure their students are well-fed at lunch time and, as a result, they are punished by the “Obama food police.”
They are certainly not alone in rejecting this Michelle O. failing program as the Conservative Tribune reveals:
According to Pratt-Heavner, over 600 schools — including Prior High School — have exited Michelle’s program since its inception (H/T WZ).
It is clear as day that Michelle’s lunch program is a gigantic failure. But rather than either fix it or scrap it, President Obama apparently prefers punishing schools that have the courage to stand up to his him and his wife.

And by punishing schools, Obama is doing nothing more than punishing the students who attend them.
Now, in all fairness to President Obama, perhaps he had no choice but to punish this school to placate Michelle.  Being banished to the Lincoln Bedroom may have been his other option!
Whatever the case, this action is petty, childish, and shows Mr. Obama’s gross insecurity.
If he, and other Democrats really do care “for the children” as their inane campaign ads always promise, they would be doing what is best for the kids in each school – let the local cafeterias create meals they will eat.
But, by removing funding, the only ones hurt are the very children they claim to want to help; especially the poor children who benefit from reduced or free school lunches.
First, as reported here, President Obama threatened schools with funding removal if they didn’t cave in to the radical LGBT agenda and create “transgender” bathrooms.  Now, he finds a new way to starve children if they refuse to eat Michelle’s cooking.


  1. As usual, you got it all wrong :

    "Now, in all fairness to President Obama, perhaps he had no choice but to punish this school to placate Michelle. Being banished to the Lincoln Bedroom may have been his other option!"

    The true story was that if he did not punish the school, he would not be allowed to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom and would be required to sleep with Michelle. $170,000 was a price he was willing to pay.

  2. I am sure that most would be willing to pay a price to keep the govt. out of their lives, and schools etc. now that you have freed yourselves from this evil, they cannot come into your lives again, unless you invite or allow them. small price to pay for getting rid of garbage and scum. All of the states got sucked into this type of action a.k.a. scam with the highway funds thing and they have been the victims of this evil federal govt. owned and controlled by even more and bigger evil then one can imagine. Lets kill the evil lets cut its head off, lets bring peace and joy and morals and strength and courage and life back into the nation and our lives. Lets put a bounty on the heads of the snake, and watch it sliver away. Small bounty for the tail and other parts, big bounty for the head.

  3. hahahahhahaha