June 10, 2015

Hilarious Meme DESTROYS Popular Liberal Talking Point [Meme]

From Dr. Carol Swain at Be The People:
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to talk to you once more about the issue of race in America.

Although we have a black president and a black attorney general, we often still hear from Rev. Al Sharpton, as well as the multitude of liberal elites at our colleges and universities, that racism is as pervasive today as it has ever been, and that our criminal justice system is racist. (Talk about broken records.)
One of the most persistent claims espoused by the race baiters is the myth of “white privilege,” the idea that there are inherent privileges in just having white skin.
Tell that to the single mom working at Waffle House and to the unemployed white men of Appalachia.
We are told that there are far more whites in positions of power, that whites are incarcerated at lower rates than blacks, and that whites aren’t harassed by the police, and the list goes on and on. The PC crowd keeps claiming that racism is the primary factor involved here, although there are other, better reasons that account for these disparities.
A few weeks ago, black protestors were demonstrating at posh brunch restaurants in New York City to protest so called “white spaces.” Independent of the fact that it is foolish to invade other people’s private property, what we don’t hear from all these protestors is that it’s education and strong families – not some sort of racial aristocratic privilege – that determines one’s level of success in life.

We need only to look at Asian-American families for evidence of factors that contribute to success in America. Only 13 percent of Asian-American children live in single-parent homes compared to 55 percent of black children. Unemployment is at 11.4 percent for blacks, yet only 4.5 percent for Asians. There is no escaping the fact that education and family structure play huge roles in determining the success or failure of various racial and ethnic groups.
It’s time we stopped the kneejerk discussion of white privilege and instead devote ourselves to teaching others the roots of success in America.


  1. Race and Racism in America?
    Current or Former Israeli (Racist IDF) Train ALL US Law Enforcement via pogroms of CRI Las Vegas, ADL Law Enforcement, DHS & FBI Counter-Terrorism.

    Until Americans wake up to this FACT nothing will change.
    See: How BLACKS are treated in Israel as a HINT!
    We are ALL Palestinians now.

  2. disqus_q0fJBDaGHmJune 10, 2015 at 11:43 AM

    They meant white and Jewish

  3. Guillotine_readyJune 10, 2015 at 3:01 PM

    I am so sick of Obummer playing the race card which is all he has. I am tired of the easily led buying into the latest social hysteria and never once bothering to use their head.
    Racism is not the reason for any of the problems we face unless we are honest and talk about who is bringing race into the equation all the time, hint it is not white people.

  4. Stop Bush and KillaryJune 10, 2015 at 4:46 PM

    For the most part, the real existing white privilege comes down to:

    1. Exiting "old boys clubs" -- where the likes of Bush and Clinton make sure their relatives all get into super high paying jobs without having to do any real work. A few newcomers like Obama and Powell aside, those "old boys clubs" are obviously dominated by white people for historical reasons. Of course, your normal white person doesn't have access to those either -- but a fact like "99% of the guys in there are white" can easily lead to a misinterpretation like "White people have a 99% higher chance to be accepted in there".

    2. Racial profiling. It's not racism, but of course if you're investigating gang crime in LA or the likes, you know that most gang crime will be committed by black people, so you're more likely to suspect a black person than a white person. Of course that's unfair to the many good black people out there who get stopped too frequently because they just MIGHT be gang members -- it's one of the few points where racism ("this guy is black, therefore he ought to be bad") meets reason ("90% of the people I'm looking for are in this population group, so I'll have a higher success rate if I focus on those").

    3. "Too rich to jail" -- The banksters (mostly white because of 1.) can do whatever they want, and never see a jail cell from the inside. Quite different from regular people. Even if they commit the exact same crime: If a millionaire is caught shoplifting, chances of him ending up in jail are extremely low. If a poor person, maybe acting out of necessity, is caught shoplifting, he'll almost certainly see a jail cell at least if it isn't his first time. Most millionaires are white (again see 1.), most people who shoplift out of necessity are black, and that is reflected in the prison inmate numbers.

    I don't think racism is as big as some make it sound these days -- but problems related to it are real.
    Instead of debating to what extent racism still exists, it's time to solve those problems (basic fairness problems -- which obviously affect regular white people as well) -- same punishment for the same crime, and get rid of the old boys networks.

  5. Many of the "too rich to jail" bankers where Ashkenazi that falsely claim to be jewish. I am not someone who hates Ashkenazi or thinks that they run things, but if we are going to talk openly about "privilege" there is no doubt the Ashkenazi community has acted to shield its members from natural consequences and is as "privileged" as any community gets.

  6. "White Privilege" is really a code word for the middle class, which is what these useful idiots on the left really want to tear down. Anyone who uses guilt to manipulate people is an enemy of humanity. Guilt is never progressive or creative, it is simply a way to beat people down and destroy the chances for intelligent debate.

    I have no problem accepting that many minority groups have been given a raw deal and mistreated so that they are not to blame for all of the negative issues they have to deal with. But anyone who was concerned about bringing minorities up in a positive way would focus on that and talk about "black mistreatement" not "white privilege"

    Its really about power-mad people who realize that white people have a middle class standard that allows them to better resist tyranny, so the power-mad want to demonize white people. They have no interest in helping black people or any other group move up into the middle class.

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