June 10, 2015

How The TSA Keeps Us Safe Perfectly Illustrated With One Cartoon

 Ever since the TSA came into existence they have done nothing to stop even one terrorist.
They have done everything to infringe upon passengers of flights by molesting them before they are allowed to get on a plane.
Well, now the TSA has done something that potentially HELPS terrorists. They`ve hired them.

From Truth Revolt:
The much-beleaguered Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is facing yet another crisis—its second in two weeks—after a new report from the inspector general’s office at the Department of Homeland Security discovered that the agency did not adequately screen 73 airport workers who had been placed on terrorism-related watch lists.
Far from inspiring confidence, the inspector general’s report portrays the TSA as being at the mercy of complex regulations, a deficit of information from other agencies, and bureaucratic entanglements that prevented the agency from verifying that the information they received on aviation workers was accurate.
Under the heading “What We Found” the report describes:
TSA’s multi-layered process to vet aviation workers for potential links to terrorism was generally effective… However, our testing showed that TSA did not identify 73 individuals with terrorism-related category codes because TSA is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related information under current interagency watchlisting policy.
In addition to not being aware that 73 airport employees were on terrorism watch lists, the report also found that the TSA is also lacking accurate information about the criminal history and legal status of other employees who work in restricted areas.
So, the people who are supposedly protecting us from terrorists are actually aiding potential terrorists by hiring them. Got it.
The only thing the TSA has been useful for is showing the entire world how useless they are.

The next step that should be taken is simply disband them. Not only have they NEVER caught a terrorist but they have inflicted terror upon children and others and now apparently they employ them.
And this is after it was discovered they don’t even catch a majority of weapons that get through their ‘plastic gloves’ and x-rays.
Get rid of them now. Not only are they a joke but they are dangerous to the United States.


  1. Not to mention their very existence is unconstitutional.....

  2. Who else could John McCain get to man his ISIS pirate ship? Arrrggh!

  3. TSA owned by the DHS which is Israel and Obama hired by Jews to be the president see the connection. DHS controlling the police in the US. CIA and Mossad work together.
    You will see Chief of police go to Israel and CIA go to Israel.
    Police lean Krav Maga Martial Arts too.