June 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton Claims She’s The ‘Candidate of Today’

The Clinton campaign had an official ‘reset’ of her pathetic presidential campaign today where she actually spoke in front of a rally of people on Roosevelt Island.
Clinton spoke like a true far left winger in her speech and claimed she wants to continue Obama’s failed legacy.
That’s promising isn’t it?

From Buzzfeed:
Framing herself as the best person to continue President Obama’s legacy on a windswept day on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, Hillary Clinton kicked off the second phase of her campaign with its first large-scale rally.
And in speech that was focused heavily on liberal domestic policy and was at times sharply partisan, she argued that she is very much the candidate of today — unlike the Republican field.
Clinton’s campaign has emphasized four broad elements — building the economy of tomorrow, strengthening families and communities, fixing the “dysfunctional” political system and getting “unaccountable” money out of politics, and protecting the U.S. from threats.
“It’s time to end the outrage of so many women earning less than men on the job with women of color often making even less,” she said. “This isn’t a women’s issue, this is a families issue, just like raising the minimum wage is a families issue.”
Clinton, whose trustworthiness has dropped in polls since the presidential campaigns have geared up, used the event to talk about her experience serving Americans as first lady, senator, and Secretary of State, and talk about how her relationship with her mother informs the person and candidate she is and the president she would be.

Where to even begin with this pathetic speech?
The fact that Clinton, of all people, talks about getting unaccountable money out of politics is beyond hilarious. As a matter of fact, it should make people angry.
Her Clinton Foundation has been so corrupt with the reporting of millions of donor dollars that clearly were used to help other governments and private businesses while Clinton was Secretary of State prove Clinton should be a candidate for prison, not POTUS.
And how in the hell is Hillary Clinton going to protect this country from ‘outside’ threats when she’s been the one to ALLOW them into our country during her reign of terror as Secretary of State?
Clinton was horrific as the First Lady; she was useless as a Senator and she was deadly as Secretary of State. Why in the hell is ANYONE even backing her?
Of course, she has to demean women and continue the left wing mantra that they are of lesser value than men in the workplace. They aren’t of course but that never stops Democrats from lying right to your face.

Hillary Clinton is possibly the worst presidential candidate in the history of the country.
Unfortunately there are ignorants out there who refuse to see the truth about her past, present and future.
Hillary Clinton isn’t the ‘Candidate of Today’, she’s the candidate of lies, corruption and far left wing destruction.


  1. Hillary Clinton is so much the candidate of yesterday.

  2. She wasn't even Billy's pleasure let alone being yesterday's candidate

  3. Donate the $100's MILLIONS of BRIBE money you have collected in that TAX FREE (not contributing to SOCIETY) TRUST America's FOOD BANKS.People need food NOW.

  4. "I have nothing to hide. That's precisely why I ensured that the evidence of my innocence was destroyed so nobody could ever see it.”, said nobody ever.

    That reminds me of Ross Perot's line about Clinton some 25 years ago: "If his wife can't trust him, why should I?"

  5. Thus sprach the The Carny Prince Bill's partner in crime..