June 14, 2015

This May Be One of the ‘Best Political Photos’ Ever Because of the Book Rachel Dolezal is Holding

 White NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has already had her share of fascinating moments during her brief national whirlwind of irony.
After being outed as “white,” she became the subject of a top-trending Twitter hashtag #AskRachel, as well as countless memes.
It’s not completely clear if this should be added to the colossal list of already famous memes, or if it is one of those things that should have tipped us off that the Spokane, Washington NAACP chapter head was not all she was ‘blacked up to be.’
National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg tweeted this out:
 The responses were instantaneous:

 And indeed, it is. It was written by Baratunde Thurston, an author at The Onion.
Others comments:
If this turns out to be anything more than a plausible urban legend, it will go down as one of the more priceless shots in political history.

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