June 14, 2015

This Picture Shows Exactly Why $15 Minimum Wage is Insane

 After Seattle passed a mandatory $15 minimum wage increase, many people who supported it were shocked by the sticker price.
For some reason people didn’t understand that raising the minimum wage would affect employers, employees and consumers.
Unfortunately the effects of raising the minimum wage this high are more negative than not.

From Young Conservatives:
A picture is worth a thousand words. Personally, I love this idea. Let the people know when the government and liberals are screwing them. That should make our job come election time a lot easier.
This is why we can’t have nice things.
From Watchdog:
Northwest Watchdog called Masterpark to verify the authenticity of the receipt. Kevin, the attendant on duty Wednesday afternoon, confirmed the charge is real. To deal with the higher wage, enacted on Jan. 1, Masterpark is charging customers an additional 99 cents per parking day, a surcharge that comes on top of all other taxes and fees.
The Washington Policy Center, a free-market think tank, originally noticed the receipt and offered its own analysis of the situation.
“Contrary to what supporters claim, increasing the minimum wage does not create jobs and stimulate the economy,” wrote Erin Shannon, the center’s small business analyst. “The higher wages are not free money.  The increased cost must either be absorbed by the employer, which is impossible for many who already operate on shoe-string profit margins, or it must be passed on to workers, in the form of reduced hours and benefits, and consumers, in the form of higher prices.  Either way, someone pays.”

This is further proof that those on the left who continue to push for minimum wage should NEVER be in control of our economy.
Not only do these people not understand business but they don’t seem to understand simple math.
Of course, one could assume they are intentionally pushing for a higher minimum wage to intentionally kill more jobs while ‘buying’ votes from people who are clueless.
Unfortunately the people who get hurt the most from these mandatory minimum wage increases are the people the left claims to be helping.


  1. Minimum wage for fast food worker =$15.00 hour
    Hourly cost for Roboburger fast food robot = $4.75 hour
    You do the math.

  2. What BS ! So now rich spoiled brat elitists are called "Young Conservatives" ?

  3. If you don't like it, move to a crappy "right to work" state and live in poverty and joblessness for the rest of your life.

  4. It should be raised to $25 or 30 given the real cost of living. Try to afford an apartment, utilities, a car, telecom, food, incidentals, sundries and any type of humane and decent life that doesn't involve simply scrounging to subsist (like taking in the occasional movie or social occasion with a companion) and you will have to admit that $15/hr is fucking ridiculously LOW.

  5. then why do we continously need to raise the wages of the corporate executives, the politicians and their staffs(why aren't they volunteers), why don't we have a flat tax(because there would be no deduction loopholes). why do we need to prop up the stock and bond markets. why do we continue to increase corporate welfare(1 trillion dollars a year to coal and oil, why do we give unending tax breaks to attract big business, who claim the breaks are necessary because of endless government regulations. the very regulations that the corporations and their legal teams wrote, to stop small business competitors, who can't afford to do business and comply with the regulations. isn't this the result of reagan and the democratic legislatior cutting taxes on the upper 10 percent and shiffting it to the lower 90 percent. why did we offshore the jobs in manufacturing that created all the service jobs that grew from it. credit cards eventually run out

  6. Yea, cutt the vages to 2 d. an h. and everyone would be pleased, right, even you.
    And so that the average vage isnt more than 1200 d. a year, and gess how mutch better the UssA banana republic is then.
    Do you realy belive your own babbeling about vages.
    And of course lett robots do all the work and the marked for goods will explode, right, and the large corps will make evermore, since nbody will emply workers.

    How do you think, the corps would do it then,
    Do enlighten us infidels about that.

    In the end, I have sayed its a coming shift, the shift is fundamental, and I gess its going to be about just that, while revenues rises anually, just because they can do it, and anyone else is criminals and theifs, right, rightwinged ones.
    I understand you drvell, but dont agree upon the babbeling about salarys.


  7. Then fix those problems instead of pushing on a string like you're doing with this 'living wage' nonsense.

  8. Because the US is a Kakistocracy

  9. Guillotine_readyJune 14, 2015 at 2:48 PM

    Do this little experiment in your head, I promise it will not explode.
    This takes several parts being put into effect before it is finished and the hardest is overcoming the brainwashing about money we have all had all our lives.
    Part 1
    The dollar is set at 100 cents each and returned to its original purchasing power.
    Part 2
    The dollar is the currency used in the US and the world can go its own way
    Part 3
    The Fed and IRS are abolished.
    Part 4
    Now the fun starts. Everyone one is given an account with the US Treasury with one purpose, every account is set to 10 million dollars. When it goes below 10 million it is reset to 10 million. In other words it never goes below 10 million.
    Next to stop the rampant greed fest no account can go over 10 million. If it goes over 20 million it is reset to 10 million

    At first people will go crazy buying everything in sight. Which is ok we have too many unsold goods and we need the excess cleared out.

    After a while people will realize their basic needs of food shelter water utilities and such are met and no longer a problem.

    Of course many will quit jobs and stop doing things they do not like to do.
    Soon however they will find things they do like to do and they will do that. So employers would need to make jobs that are meaningful and conditions people would be willing to work in since wages are a non issue.
    Contrary to mainstream thought this will not lead to a nation of couch sitters, because now people can concentrate on making the best possible goods not just something to make money. Food production will involve people who are interested in it and if we did this world wide available land would be used responsibly to grow enough for all, not for maximum profit.
    Economic crimes would cease to exist.
    Homelessness would be a choice.

    Banks would be history.
    Credit cards gone
    Debt abolished
    Economic slavery by parasites over
    Robbery gone
    wars largely gone except the one we will have to fight to teach the parasites their game is over for good.

    There is more to this, but this is enough for you start to see that we have alternatives to the unnatural money system that allows some to starve a mile from a ware house of food. Some to be cold in a world with heat. Some to poor so others can feel important and better than others.

    Time to evolve and abolish the money game

  10. Let's bring back slavery then. Slavery will get consumers a better price, plus unemployment will be solved by the armed gangs of slave-catchers!

  11. Patricia ReddingJune 15, 2015 at 5:58 AM

    I see a lot of bitching but I see no solutions to the fact that higher wages can and are taking a toll on the middle class by being passed on to consumers. The grocery boy or the fast food girl will have to spend that extra money. Rent goes up when the landlord has to pay more for their stuff. Groceries go up with the owner has to pay more for wages and their stuff. Gas/oil and all the other stuff for a vehicle/transportation goes up because now all of those businesses owners are paying more for their stuff. You can bitch and moan and rant about all the corporate conspiracies/greed to keep everyone down and control them but in the end if your not the solution your the problem. 1. Work for's called being entrepreneurial (it's hard work but you'll be under no one's thumb and no need to worry about a pesky minimum wage a boss wants to pay you. Or 2. Wisely chose a line of work your suited for/good at that has good advancement potential and get training for that line of work (ps if the job starts at minimum wage it's a very good chance it's not the one I'm talking about) 3. Remember your not entitled to a damn thing. Once you realize this you'll be much happier. And, instead of sitting around whining that working at McDs will not get you very far in life you'll look around and see a job opportunity staring you in the face that will actually lead to something in life.

  12. What we need is this......

    Every year the IRS can calculate an average wage in the US, currently aprox $68-$72,000.

    If you make more, then you pay a penalty that grows exponentially with how much more you made than the average salary.

    So a person making $350,000 pays a small surcharge, but the executive that makes $200 million pays a hefty charge, say 20% surcharge on wages over the average salary.

    The person who makes a BILLION dollars in one year (or more) is taxed at 50% or more above the average salary.

    This also goes to the hart of the issue of the working and lower classes spending close to 100% of their pay checks, where as the wealthy cannot and just hoard all the cash. This is a method of putting the cash back into the system.

    Yes this is redistribution of wealth, simply because the free market and capitalism is not working for the majority in the society, it is only working for less then 1% (and we all cannot be in the 1%). It is about time we reconized this and did something about it.

    The wealthy do not make their money in a vacuum although they act like it. Every on in our society contributes to the wealth generation of the 1%, it is time they gave back to the majority instead of just hoarding for the benefit of the minority.

  13. Still the effects of raising minimum wage like this historically disagrees with the point of this article when you figure in the effects on employment and people's incomes. Historically this has always worked and this also happens to be working in Seattle. Show me a city that raised the minimum wage and then went bankrupt. History won't give that to you.

  14. New Zealand and Australia both have the highest minimum wage surveyed among the OECD countries. You don't hear any complaints from them. People with better wages will spend more. So what if there are some price increases. Things increase in price all the time to varying factors but no one seems to complain about that.

    You need to spread the wealth around. The only people who seam to moan about any price increases are those who are already earning a good wage.

  15. so eliminating all the things that strangle the overall economy is not a solution. shareholders sacrificing a little, for the good of the company, by increasing wages, increasing purchasing power, does not increase cost. lowering taxes on the masses, does not increase consumption in a consumer based economy. its been thirty years of giving the bulk of wealth to the middlemen, shouldn't the country be experiencing torrential downpours right now, if trickle down economics worked, like you claim. eliminating all tax welfare will not make for an even playing field.

  16. Yes, more must be done than just eliminate corporate welfare, but pushing the minimum wage up far higher than the market value of the labor has overall destructive effects for everyone. Who do you think eats a significant amount of fast food and will therefore be most impacted by paying fast food workers more than they're worth? The poor.

    It doesn't work the way you seem to think it does, they won't pull the money for the extra wages from the CEOs and shareholders, they'll simply collect it from the customer in increased costs, but now they'll have a bigger money flow to take their cut from.

  17. Minimum wage isn't supposed to cover a decent standard of living. It's supposed to get people a start economically so they can then seek our jobs on which you could actually have a family. Instead we get what's almost the equivalent of a grown man trying to turn a paper route into a career, it doesn't work, and it's not supposed to work.

  18. Maybe when robots do the bulk of the work, but almost NOBODY is going to spend their valuable time on this earth doing labor for others when they don't have any incentive to do so.

    A better idea is a fixed citizen stipend, funded by taxation on resource extraction, pollution permits, and mandatory intellectual property taxes on any limited term patents and copyrights.