July 14, 2015

America’s National Parks are Now Considered RACIST Because…

I. Just. Can’t. Even.
What the hell, people. Now even our national parks are racist? Apparently, just waaaaaay to many white people have the NERVE to go out and enjoy the natural beauty that our National Park system holds. Let’s not forget that the employees are all white as well. Oh, just 80%. Uhm, OK. As if that makes a huge difference.
Oh, and, old people visit the national park scene. Maybe its because they are RETIRED? Or have more free time? Or because the National Parks offer a Senior Pass? I know what you’re thinking, but they are available to persons of every color, not just whites only.

You know what? I live a stones’ throw from Mount Rainier. Like, I am sitting on my deck looking at it close. We go there all the time. I have never noticed an overwhelming population of white folks there. I have never felt unwelcome when I have brought any person of color, including family members, to visit and hike there. In case you don’t know, Mount Rainier is an active volcano. Better not explode on any one that isn’t white, because then the National Park Services will get sued for a hate crime.
The Daily Caller reports that in the Washington Times, author Glenn Nelson expresses ‘concern’ for the fact that minorities are supposedly unwelcome. *sigh*
Nelson mentions the plight of a 58-year-old black woman who hates mosquitos and is very sensibly afraid of “bears, cougars and wolves.” (Sounds like you don’t really wanna go, honey) He also expresses deep concern about a 29-year-old black man who has no desire whatsoever to visit national parks (you just kept it real and
said you don’t want to go) and a 51-year-old black woman who wants to visit a national park but can’t find anyone to go with her (maybe you should make some friends or advertise on Craigslist)
Everyone he listed lives within driving distance of Mount Rainier. What, you don’t have a car?
But don’t worry, he is, after all, he is an EXPERT. He is a ‘person of color’. At least according to some nature website he runs.

This is just too far. I am so sick and tired of being made to feel guilty for being born white. No one should have to feel guilty for how they were born – or privileged. Or entitled, for that matter. Being born black entitles you to exactly what being born white entitles you to- nothing.
Please stop playing the race card. Nothing is about race all the time. Maybe it is just a fact, like it or not, that minorities might not like or want to visit a National Park. Maybe that is all it is, OK? You, Mr. Nelson, run a nature website. Instead of passively aggressively penning op-eds, why don’t you start an effort, since you are a self proclaimed minority, to get more minorities there yourself? Ya know, since you are so passionate about it?
Not everything is the government’s problem to solve, either, just to let you know.
Written by Katie McGuire. 

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