July 14, 2015

Hillary is an Extremist, Polls Say

Hillary Clinton is scary.
There, I said it, and got the elephant – or, as the case may be, ass – out of the room. Hillary is so scary, in fact, that in a poll, she was voted ‘more extreme’ than any Republican.
Let’s rewind for a bit here, shall we?
This is an election year with no real proclaimed moderate in the race, which is fine. Most candidates, save fringe, are pretty buttoned down, good old conservatives. The stark contrast to them is Hillary. She is so far left she is almost over the edge. Her positions only look like more of a bright line next to them – and the bright line reads ‘Danger, Will Robinson’
The Daily Caller reports that a poll from YouGov Throughout the month of June, YouGov asked poll respondents to rate every presidential candidate’s political ideology from 1-100, with 1 being the most liberal and 100 being the most conservative. FiveThirtyEight writer Harry Enten averaged the results of the polls to obtain an ideological score for each candidate.
According to Enten’s averages, the most conservative Republican in the eyes of the public is Sen. Ted Cruz, who had a 72 average. Following him were Mike Huckabee with a 71, as well as Rick Santorum and Scott Walker with scores of 70. Jeb Bush scored a 60, while former New York Gov. George Pataki was the most moderate with an even 50.
The only candidate rated as more liberal than Clinton is her top challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who averaged a score of 23. Joe Biden averaged a 26, and the other announced Democratic candidates that were asked about (Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, and Jim Webb) were all in the 30’s or 40’s.

So, Hillary. Your extreme stance beats out all the Republicans. I bet that feels like a victory in your deluded mind. Probably ’cause old Bernie has you beat by a few points. The reality? You are an extremist, no matter if someone else has you beat by a few points. You will make choices as a leader that will do nothing but plummet us, as a Nation, further into the abyss of socialism and debt that your buddy Obama has plummeted us into.
And why, again, does anyone think that the wife of a philandering Former President should BE President? Benghazi? All she accomplished in the Senate? All she accomplished as a lawyer? Or is it merely because (I assume) she has a vagina and name ID? I am totally betting on the latter.
My fellow Americans – it is time for us to grab the rip cord on the parachute. The liberal agenda has decided they will free fall our economy, our social welfare programs, our employment rates, and our debt as a nation. Why would we sign up for more of the economic turmoil that has plagued America for 8 years with Obama? Why should we suffer for any longer? We need to present a unified front this election season – no voting for Mickey Mouse, no saying ‘I’m voting for the green party’ – we need to back a candidate that can win, even with imperfections. Show up. There is a reason Mitt Romney wasn’t elected – y’all didn’t deem it worthy to cast your votes, and shame on you.
I’ll be there, checking my boxes, and earning my right to complain about the state of our union. What about you?
Show up or shut up.
Written by Katie McGuire. F


  1. A true conservative in America means someone who understands the wisdom of limited power. That is the American tradition of the founding fathers that we wish to conserve. It is being conservative with power.

    A liberal is someone who thinks that if only we gave the right people unlimited power, we could magically fix all the problems of the world.

    Hillary is certainly a liberal. The problem is the only reason we are faced with such an abysmal candidate as Hillary is the Republicans long ago forgot what a conservative is.
    Any republican who thinks Bush is a conservative is an idiot. Bush paved the way for Obama.

  2. This poll is akin to evaluating which turd in the punch bowl smells the best.

  3. voting for the lesser evil, IS STILL VOTING FOR EVIL!

  4. "If voting mattered, they'd make illegal." Discussions regarding which candidate is less dangerous than the next is just pissing into the wind. The results of American "elections" are not made by the voters, they are made in banker's boardrooms and Tei-Aviv security offices.