July 21, 2015

How Honey Can Solve Dry Skin Problems?

Honey has been around for thousands of years. Though it is commonly used as a food substance; people also use it for medicinal reasons. Believe it or not, in the past people used honey to treat wounds on the battlefield. The fact is that honey has a lot of healing properties that make it great for helping a person with dry skin. The following information will provide readers with 4 simple ways in which honey can solve dry skin problems.

1. Honey can Prevent Infections that could Occur from a Rash

People might not realize this but honey has certain properties that make it a great infection fighting substance. When a person applies honey to a rash it will immediately go to work killing many bacteria. Honey has chemical properties which gives it a high osmolality effect. What this means is that the sugars in honey interact with water in such a way that microorganisms cannot survive. This particular property is important because it helps to keep out the bacteria and germs that typically result from open wounds on the body. This substance also exudates or draws away fluids from wounds, sores and ashes on the body as well. Again, honey is a great infection fighting substance that will help to keep a rash from developing into an infection.

2. The Antioxidant Effect of Honey

When a rash develops, it creates a condition where free radicals will show up. Free radicals are damaged and destroyed skin cells that appear on a person’s skin when they are damaged. Since honey is an antioxidant it can be used to remove free radicals from the skin’s surface. This substance can also help to repair damaged skin making it stronger and more healthier.

3. Honey as Moisturizer and Sun Screen

People might not believe that honey can be used as a sunscreen but the truth is that it can be used for this purpose. Honey is a thick substance. The molecules that make it thick are also great for blocking out the sun’s rays. The golden color of honey has UV fighting properties and sun light has a hard time penetrating through this thick substance. When it comes to healing sun rashes and burns a person should use honey because it coats, sooth and relieves the pain.
Honey is also an effective moisturizer. This subtance has the aiblity to draw moisture into a person’s skin. This property makes it a great humectant. One of the biggest problems with rashes is that they have the ability to dry out a person’s skin. Honey can mitigate this affect by creating the opposite effect.
If a person decides to use honey as a sunscreen they should not put it directly onto their skin and go about their business. This is impractical because honey is too thick and goopy, it will make a mess. Also, it will attract all kinds of insects in warm climates.
A person should make a solution of honey that is mixed with water, crushed oats and lemon juice and yogurt. These ingredients can be blended into a smooth consistency that resembles a lotion and then applied to the skin. Again, people should be careful about how they apply and use this product.

4. Honey can be used as an Exfoliate

Honey can be used to exfoliate or remove dead skin. A person can apply this product to their skin when they need to remove dead cells. A honey pack can be created by mixing ingredients such as milk, baking soda and lemon juice. The ingredients should be mixed together to form a thick paste that can be applied directly to a person’s face for a short period of time. This in turn will help to exfoliate a person’s skin.
Honey is a great remedy for a person’s skin and it will do wonders with alleviating dry skin. If a person decides to apply the substance directly to their skin they should do so when they are going to be at home. They should not go to bed while covered in honey. Instead, they should use an old blanket or towel that they can dispose of after they are finished with the treatment. Commercial honey does not work best for skin applications. The natural or manuka variety is best suited for this type of purpose.

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