July 21, 2015

How to Use Lemon Juice to Whiten Your Skin?

Lemon juice is one of the most widely used ingredients in the entire world; it has been around for centuries now. The reason for this popularity is its many benefits that the user can enjoy without any side effects. Its powers prevail over many conditions like weight gain, poison and a poor human immune system. However among women its biggest use around the globe has always been skin whitening.

The Many Benefits of Lemon Juice for Your Skin
The vitamin C and antibacterial powers in lemons help bleach the skin to remove any dry skin and spots thus giving you an even skin tone. It discolors the skin causing it to seem lighter and fresher than ever before.
The different substances in this natural product like calcium, citric acid, pectin, magnesium and bioflavonoid help protect the body against diseases and infections; same goes for your skin.
In South East Asia, lemons have been very popular for their antiseptic qualities. They were used as a potion against serious poisons. The uses for this fruit thus, are endless but the main concern for women is the skin whitening power of lemon juice.

Useful Methods to Use Lemon Juice for a Brighter Looking Skin
The following procedures can be used to apply lemon juice for a healthier whiter skin tone;
Method 1
  • To start making this whitening liquid, cut a lemon in half and extract its seeds.
  • Squeeze the lemon well to make sure all the juice is removed from the lemon.
  • Before applying it, make sure your face is thoroughly washed with lukewarm water and dried with a towel. Use cotton balls next in order to soak the lemon juice and gently apply them to your face.
  • Apply it once a day for at least 15 minutes for best results.
Method 2
Another procedure includes adding lemon juice to glycerin and rose water to make a face mask. Store it tightly in a jar and apply it to your face as a lotion daily. Use it three times every week for clear even toned, whitened skin.
Lemon juice is a lighting agent that helps fix spots that appear on your skin which give you a darker tone. So you can use this mixture to deal with your unwanted spots. However if your skin is too sensitive then lemon may cause a tingling feeling; when experiencing this, you must wash off the lemon juice immediately.

Use it with Yogurt or Honey
You may also dilute lemon juice by mixing the lemon juice with yogurt or honey in order to decrease its harshness.

A Proper Diluting Method is;
Mix lemon juice in a bottle with water and rub the mixture on your face.
It is important that this mixture must not be applied to specific areas on the skin that have been shaved, infected, waxed or recently cut. You must be patient as perfection always takes time.

Lemon Juice for Unwanted Scars

Applying lemon juice does help reduce scars but they do not disappear completely however, lemon juice does do its work. It’s a much better option that risky surgical operations or a lifetime supply of drugs which dent your pocket quite badly. This natural product has its perks which should be used to the fullest. It’s the cheapest and most side-effect-less treatment for whitening your skin tone. Not to mention, it’s described as natural bleach!
In order to use lemon juice to get rid of scars which cause uneven skin tone, first cleanse your infected area properly. Next, use a cotton ball to put around 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to this scarred area. After you have applied it, rinse it with lukewarm water after approximately ten minutes. Once this procedure is done, you must use sunscreen before heading outside into the sunlight as lemon juice when applied to the dry skin, makes it extremely photosensitive which may cause rashes and irritation if not handled with properly.
Continue this procedure for a few months until results have reached their maximum point to the verge of almost no scars at all.
However if your scar is fresh or bleeding do not use lemon juice on it; instead consult a doctor before doing anything at all.

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