July 06, 2015

''If Hispanic Americans Hear The GOP Does Not Want Them In The USA.......'' (Image)

Times really have not moved on.....


  1. go donald !!! fuck'em is right--deport everyone of them--they say they cannot because too many HORSEHOCKY, we have the troops to hunt them out, in fact we have the census coordinates of nearly every one of them--give them 30 days to leave or be imprisoned for 10 yrs its that simple--TRUMP will give the GOP no choice he is one smart cookie--

  2. I absolutely HATE Donald, with that said, I SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP! GO DONALD GO!

  3. How convenient for most illegals to be of a different race so that they can claim racism when we don't want them here. If millions upon millions of lily-white, English-speaking illegals were flooding into the US, taking our jobs, packing our jails, bursting our schools at the seams, overwhelming our welfare and medical systems, and voting illegally, they couldn't call us racist for pointing out the problem. What would they call us then? Maybe "those evil nationalists"?

  4. Notice the edit on the CNN version of Trump's big statement. They cut it off, changing the statement into a racist ' all Mexicans are rapists' diatribe. That is not what he said. Hence, we hear 'coming from a subtext of racism' , and other such deceptive walks around the cesspool. Pretty slimy of the professional racialists.

    Of course, Trump won't get my vote. He doesn't want the job and isn't a serious candidate. They all, including Bernie, Ron, and the Donald, know damn well that Hillary has already been appointed. Dig up all the dirt and rack up all her felonies that you can; she's next. She will be the peace candidate and will finish off Syria, and try for Iran; just as Tel Aviv has commanded.