July 06, 2015

Female Writer Says Restroom Signs Are SEXIST Because Women Aren’t Wearing Pants In Them

So, now feminists are claiming that our society is still so sexist because our restroom signs still show women wearing dresses instead of pants.
Because, clearly, women never wear dresses, so the restroom signs should be a fake shadowy figure wearing pants so we can all get confused and go into the wrong restroom.
At that point, might as well just combine the two restrooms and extinguish gender altogether (oh, wait…).
From Daily Caller:
The Huffington Post is exhilarated about a Seattle-based feminist’s “truly glorious” dream to produce and sell a Badass Feminist Coloring Book.

The would-be author of the Badass Feminist Coloring Book is Ijeoma Oluo, who bills herself as “a feminist writer and speaker” in her Kickstarter funding appeal.
The Badass Feminist Coloring Book, if it becomes a reality, will contain stark, black, white and gray images of feminists along with quotes by those people.
For example, the quote under Hari Kondabolu is: “We live in a world that is so sexist that women still can’t wear pants on public restroom signs”
Kondabolu is a graduate of Bowdoin College who is eking out a living as a comedian. (Annual tuition, fees and room and board at Bowdoin is $61,354.)
They also forgot to mention how restroom signs are racist, too, because they are always white.
According to Oluo, the 20 different feminists (“at least”) in her coloring book “have awesome things to say.”

“These people are writers, comedians, mothers, daughters, sex workers. There are feminists of different ages, races, body types, gender identities,” Oluo explains, and “this is the intersectional feminist coloring book you’ve been waiting for.”
Yeah, because they love to tell you that being a sex worker empowers women rather than degrades them — which is dead wrong.
You can’t make feminists happy if you tried, which we have already done on multiple occasions and it’s only caused a bigger mess of things.
I’m just waiting for feminists to call the word “human” sexist and riot to change it to “huwoman.”
What do you think of this?

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