July 03, 2015

Obama Planning to Change 4th of July Celebrations FOREVER

The EPA recently got a smack down from the Supreme Court of the United States but Obama still continues to use them to hurt the country.
Apparently the EPA is going to push regulations that are so outrageous and draconian (and USLESS) that they will destroy Independence Day activities such as fireworks displays and grilling. 
From the Daily Caller:
Enjoy Independence Day while you still can. If President Obama gets his way, this could be the last Fourth of July worth celebrating.
New ground-level ozone standards being pushed by Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency would result in widespread bans on fireworks shows, backyard grilling and other Independence Day traditions.
Because the proposed ozone rule is set so low, things as harmless as a few backyard chefs grilling burgers in the same area at the same time, or even festive fireworks being launched during an Independence Day celebration, could cause an area to violate federal ozone standard thresholds.
Such a violation of the EPA’s unreasonably low ozone limit would result in fines and other penalties for local governments from federal regulators.
In an attempt to steer clear of punishment, local lawmakers will have to respond to the new EPA rules by enacting municipal grilling bans and canceling fireworks shows from sea to shining sea.
To make matters worse, the current EPA ground-level ozone standard was set just seven years ago. In fact, scores of places around the country are still in violation of the existing regulations and the EPA hasn’t yet cared to figure out how to help those get those areas into compliance. The new guideline would move the bar even lower, forcing whole regions of the country to pay fines and face other penalties, without any realistic hope of meeting the standard short of banning cars and forcing businesses to close.
The EPA is not only out of control but they are utterly useless.


  1. Obama is castrating the American culture.

  2. Guillotine_readyJuly 3, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    Either we start now to gain our independence from the parasites in this country, lock them up, deport them, or just hang them or we do not have any independence to celebrate anyway.
    Like the way Kenyans run America?

  3. Guillotine_readyJuly 3, 2015 at 11:37 AM

    Already has it is done. We get our country back one way, we take it back or we are already toast. We lost our nation by our own unwillingness to accept a little temporary inconvenience and hardship on order to maintain at least the illusion of a free country, which this one has never actually been.

  4. They make a rule and we all magically follow it? Um no. They're called testicles.