July 03, 2015

Obama Puts a Price on the Head of Every American

Barrack Obama has essentially put a premium on the head of every American and has created a public market in the Middle East for their sale.
On Wednesday, the president announced he would sign an executive order which will make families of American hostages who pay ransom immune from federal prosecution.
By doing so he has sent a signal to all terrorists that there is money to be made in kidnapping Americans.
The United States used to have a hard rule about negotiating with terrorists. The logic is that giving any concessions to a terrorist would only incentivize more terrorists.

Obama already damaged this precedent by handing over 5 Taliban leaders in exchange for the release of US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Now he has provided further incentive for our enemies to prey upon our servicemen, diplomats, and citizens.

It is estimated that 6.3 million Americans live overseas. These individuals have all been put at greater risk of harm because of the actions of President Obama.
In reality, no family has ever been prosecuted for trying to negotiate with terrorists. But Obama still felt the need to announce to the world that they are now practically encouraged to. Such an action is gravely irresponsible.
Even if families wanted to buy back a loved one from captivity, the average asking price in $2 million. Obama’s order does nothing to help these families and put the loved ones of countless more in harm’s way.

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