July 27, 2015

Watch: President Obama grooving to tunes of Lipala dance in Kenya

US President Barack Obama proved to be quiet a showman at a state dinner organised by Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta as he got grooving to the lilting tunes of a modernised folk dance.
Obama, who is the first sitting US President to visit Kenya, was attending a dinner at Nairobi's State House along with Kenya's President and First Lady and enjoying the performances by a Kenyan afro-pop band Sauti Sol on Saturday.
After a while, Obama got up to join them and flaunted his smooth dance moves as he swayed to the tunes of a folk song called Lipala, popularised by the band Sauti Sol.

The band uploaded Obama's video on its Instagram account with the caption, ““And for those who doubted President @barackobama’s step - the #LipalaDance #SuraYako is his new favorite Kenyan dance!”
Soon, the US commander-in-chief was joined by Susan Rice and Kenyan President and the First Lady Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta as all danced in synchrony.
Obama dubbed the dinner evening as an unusual Obama family reunion and said that it was special for him because of the presence of his family members.
“My grandmother, Mama Sarah, who told me I had to come back to Kenya. And when she says you should do something, generally you have to do it. My siblings are here, aunts, uncles. And so, tonight, I welcome all of them to a somewhat unusual Obama family reunion,” Obama said at the state dinner.
He also cracked a joke about the controversy surrounding his birth certificate, saying, “I suspect that some of my critics back home are suggesting that I’m back here to look for my birth certificate. That is not the case”.

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