July 27, 2015

World’s largest flower 'Amorphophallus Titanum' blooms in Tokyo after 5 years!

Behold the wonders of nature! Flowers are nature's most beautiful creations, but how will you feel seeing a 6.5 feet high flower towering above you ?
Yes, there is such a flower called Amorphophallus Titanum which is the world’s largest flower and after five long years it has bloomed in Tokyo.
This flower that blooms extremely rarely has done so in Jindai Botinaical Gardens in Chofu, Japan and has attracted hundreds of visitors to the garden forcing it to extend its opening hours.
Unlike other flowers which produce a sweet smell, this rare flower has a very foul smelling odour and hence is called the corpse flower as well.
It is believed that the smell of the flower can be compared to that of the rotting meat which helps to attract pollinators such as flies and beetles. This plant is native of rainforests in western Sumatara, Indonesia.
The flower owing to its rarity is classified as a ‘vulnerable’ species with the next stage endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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