August 14, 2015

Cop Accuses Disabled Vet of Not Being Disabled

You’ve heard this over and over again – just because someone may not appear handicapped in your eyes doesn’t mean they don’t need to park in the handicapped parking space.
There are a slew of reasons why people need to park closer to a store. Until you actually understand their needs or read their medical charts, you have no idea.
No one should ever make assumptions about people parking in handicapped spots.
One Florida cop clearly didn’t mind those rules and made really bad assumptions about a disabled Veteran.

From Fox News Insider:
A Florida police officer is on paid administrative leave following a confrontation with a handicapped veteran over a parking spot.
Video shot by veteran Isiah James shows the dispute, which all appeared to start when James parked in a handicapped parking spot. James was hit with an IED while deployed and has a disabled parking permit, but he said that Riviera Beach Sgt. Gary Wilson argued that the vet didn’t look handicapped.
“You are not the arbitrator of my … handicap,” James said in the video, telling the officer that he served his country for almost 10 years.
Wilson later appeared to smack James’ cellphone out of his hands.
The officer is now on paid administrative leave according to his police department.
Whatever happened to ‘not judging a book by its cover’?
After the Vet told the officer he was disabled, why didn’t the cop simply say “okay sir, I’m sorry to have bothered you?”
Maybe he wanted some medical documentation first.

Watch the video here:

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