August 14, 2015

Homeowners Association Threatens Jail Time over... Purple Playground?

Homeowners Associations have long acted in tyrannical ways. They’ve got such a back rap many people want absolutely nothing to do with these types of neighborhoods.
One HOA is so off the hook that it threatened jail time for a family if they didn’t remove their purple playset from their own backyard.
Why? The colors weren’t in harmony with other colors in the neighborhood.
From Fox Insider:
A Missouri homeowners association is seeing red over a purple playground.
The Raintree Lake Neighborhood Homeowners Association has ordered the Stout family to remove the playground, arguing that it must be “subdued and within harmony with other colors of the community.”

The homeowners association has threatened fines, sanctions and jail time if the playground doesn’t come down, the Stouts said.
The homeowners aren’t budging. Their neighbors have no issue with it and they believe the HOA should really come up with better things to do.
If you look at the yard, it’s covered with trees and a fence. You can barely see the ‘offensive’ playground from the road OR from other neighbor’s yards.
Even the neighbors don’t care.
Sounds like this HOA is on a power trip to remove the plight of the purple playground.

Watch the news story here:

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