August 13, 2015

‘Dixie Classic Fair’ under fire in North Carolina for ‘offensive’ name

 A North Carolina liberal wants to rename the 133-year-old Dixie Classic Fair, held each year in Winston-Salem, N.C., because the term “Dixie” allegedly is one that not “everyone can appreciate.”
The hoopla started this past Monday, when, during a Winston-Salem committee meeting, Councilman James Taylor Jr. claimed that some of his constituents find the “Dixie Classic Fair” name to be divisive and offensive.
“We no longer want to be divisive in the city of Winston-Salem, and if the term ‘Dixie’ is divisive, I feel that we as a community should consider other alternatives,” Taylor told news station WFMY.
He also claimed that dozens of people had complained to him. According to The Washington Times, however, when a local Fox affiliate went in search of said constituents, it found nothing.
“We continued to look for people who may be offended by the name — but regardless of their gender, age or race — nobody had anything negative to say about the fair or its name,” station WGHP reported.
If anything, local residents complained about the incredulity of Taylor’s proposal.
“I thought it was ridiculous,” said Dina Nelson. “I mean, there’s no reason to change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair. I mean, it’s a Southern name, but it’s nothing racist about it.”
Resident Kevin Carter echoed her sentiment: “It’s just a name. I don’t find it offensive.”
The good news is that by Wednesday, Taylor had changed his mind and backed off from his ludicrous plan.
The bad news is that, because of the race-baiting antics of a lunatic liberal, what has otherwise been an amazing annual traditional (evident by the video below) almost got ruined:

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