August 03, 2015

Sheriffs Come Up With Clever Trap for Stupid Drug Dealers

 McIntosh County Sheriffs have come up with an ingenious idea to catch drug dealers in the act. You may think that criminals would have to be smarter than this scheme, but apparently, it works.
This isn’t a joke, and if you are choosing to make your living trafficking narcotics, and don’t want to be undersold, you can send out this handy-dandy little form via USPS and narc out the narc dealers that are cutting into your profits.
Capitalism 4 eva, bro!

According to the BlazeMcIntosh County Sheriff Stephen Jessup placed an ad in the Darien News this week that he hopes will net some results.
“Attention Drug Dealers,” the ad said at the top. “Is your Drug Dealing Competition Costing You Money?”
We offer a FREE service to help you eliminate your drug competition!” it added, encouraging dealers to “report” competing dealers using a provided form.
“They are cutthroats and they will turn on each other all the time,” Jessup said Friday, according to NBC News.
Silly or creative?
How many drug dealers are planning on taking advantage of this program?
Seems silly to me, but if it could potentially lead to catching two drug dealers at once, I’m all about it.
Here’s the form, just in case you need it. Or know someone who does.
The morons who use this must be a very special sort of stupid, if you ask me. I mean, really. Who narcs out another drug dealer? When I was kid, the street motto was ‘Snitches get stitches’ and I know of one case where that LITERALLY happened.

This my be a little bit of a goofy scheme, but hell, it just may work.

Law enforcement needs more creative tactics for catching the drug dealers that seem to be running rampant over our communities.
They may be greedy enough to try to rat competitors out, which is good, because the competition will fold on them like a cheap lawn chair too.
Personally? I’d run a Craigslist ad with a sexy girl looking to buy at a hotel and arrest them on the spot, but hey, what do I know?

Written by Katie McGuire. 

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