August 03, 2015

You Won’t Believe What Hillary Supporters Want To Repeal Now

Many conservatives believe that supporters of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton are gullible, not to mention lacking in common-sense and intelligence, among other things.
Judging by what her supporters believe she ought to repeal, I think they’re quite right!
According to Info Wars, conservative media analyst and author Mark Dice recently pulled out his camera and hit the boardwalk at Oceanside, Calif., to ask Hillary supporters some simple questions.
For instance, Dice claimed that “[o]ne of Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign promises is to repeal the Bill of Rights to help with the New World Order” and then asked, “Do you think it’s time we get behind her and support the repeal?”

Not surprisingly, her supporters agreed with this radical idea. One supporter claimed, “You can’t have the rules of yesteryear now.”
Apparently, “so much has changed,” which is why the Bill of Rights needs to be repealed.
That makes perfect sense, right? NOT!
Another supporter agreed and opined that “it’s a good time to look at it,” i.e., repealing the Bill of Rights.
Other wonderfully oblivious answers that Dice received from Hillary supporters regarding whether or not they support her alleged bid to repeal the Bill of Rights included, “I do,” “Yeah, might as well,” “Sure,” and “I do agree.”
One “pro-black person” even argued that repealing at least “some” of the Bill of Rights would be good for justice.

To hear their absurd responses for yourself, check the video below, though I highly recommend you first pop a dose of Advil:

Apparently, Hillary supporters believe anything, to the point that they are willing to support her in any endeavor she pursues.
I guess that makes them no different than supporters of President Barack Hussein Obama.

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