August 13, 2015

US man reveals how easy it is for paedophiles to prey on girls on social media by luring three out of their homes while their parents watch on in horror (20 Pics)

Pedophiles have been hiding behind the anonymity of the internet for years - but unfortunately, it seems that some teens and tweens think their parents' warnings about the dangers of speaking to strangers online are just unwarranted overreactions.

YouTube star Coby Persin, 21, set out to help some New York-area parents teach their children how real the threat of pedophiles, rapists, and abductors truly is, posing as a teen himself and luring their young daughters into potentially dangerous situations by first striking up conversations with them on Facebook.

Warning: Coby Persin, 21, helped three New York-area parents teach their daughters a thing or two about trusting people they meet on the internet
Liar, liar: Coby posed online as 'Jason Biazzio', a 15-year-old boy
Running it past mom and dad: He set up a fake Facebook profile and contact three young girls with their parents' permission
Making friends: First, Coby started talking to Mikayla, 13 - whom he'd never met or spoken to before
Sketchy dude: As Jason, Coby told Mikayla that he's just moved to her town and was looking for friends
Making plans: The two arranged to meet in a nearby park when Mikayla's parents were away

No fear: Mikayla showed up to meet 'Jason', clearly unworried about the possibility that he might not be who he said he was
Catching her in the act: When she saw Coby at the park, Mikayla's dad came out to surprise her - and lecture her about her dangerous behavior
Nervous dad: Mikayla's dad yelled at her and asked her if she was crazy before kissing her on the head and making it clear that he is just worried about her well-being

Too trusting: Julianna, 12, also spoke to 'Jason' online for only a few days before agreeing to meet him
Alone time: Because her dad didn't let her have boys over, Julianna said Jason would have to wait for him to fall asleep before stopping by
It can't be: Julianna's dad (left) didn't believe that his daughter would let a stranger into their home
Love and protection: When she did, he let her have it, telling the crying tween that he had already lost her mother and couldn't bare to lose her, too

Don't get in the car: 14-year-old Jenna agreed to be picked up by Jason's older brother
Surprise: Little did she know, her parents were hiding in the back, wearing ski masks
Scared for her life: When she got in the van, everyone inside began grabbing her violently - and Jenna started to scream
She's in trouble: Jenna's parents took her phone away and reminded her that they'd lectured her about the dangers of predators before


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