September 01, 2015

EPIC Meme Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy on Gun Violence and Police

Any time the police do something wrong Obama flaps his gums, usually taking sides against the police. Now in one week we have one of his supporters gun down two people on live television and then a cold-blooded execution of a Houston police offer.
A 30-year-old Cypress man charged with capital murder for allegedly ambushing and then, for no apparent reason, shooting to death a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy who had just refueled his police cruiser at a gas station will appear in court for the first time Monday morning.
Shannon J. Miles was arrested and charged in the death of Deputy Darren Goforth after authorities spent much of the day questioning him.

Miles walked up behind Goforth at the gas station at Telge and West at about 8:20 p.m. Friday and shot him repeatedly in the back without any apparent provocation or motive, said Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman, who called the crime “cold blooded” and “cowardly” at a press conference Saturday.
Goforth, 47, died at the scene, as law enforcement flooded the area and spent hours searching for the shooter.
So what did Dear Leader spend his time doing this weekend? Flying to Alask to rename a mountain and babble about so-called climate change.
Nothing about Officer Goforth, of course. His life doesn’t matter when you’ve got propaganda to spew. Meanwhile, Granny Clinton held a pair of lavish Hamptons fundraisers.

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