September 01, 2015

‘Hillary for Prison’ Signs Getting Stolen in the Hamptons

Like many of us, Andy Sabin wants Hillary Rodham Clinton behind bars — and had to put his signs saying so behind an electric fence.
Andy Sabin has had his “Hillary for Prison 2016” signs stolen constantly from his Amagansett home in the Hamptons.
So Sabin took steps to make sure the placards were secure.

Why are these signs being stolen?  Is it supporters of Clinton or is it someone that agrees with the sentiment?  
Instead of taking any more chances Sabin now puts the red, blue and white signs on a pair of 12-foot poles behind an electric fence with yellow warning signs.   He even has surveillance cameras trained on them.
“Living in a town with a lot of left-wing wackos, that’s what happens,” Sabin said.
Ironically enough Clinton herself is a neighbor. She and Bill vacationed in Amagansett over the summer.
“I just think she’s extremely dishonest, and if you look at the polls, the public agrees,” Sabin said.
He compared the former first lady’s email scandal to that of ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, who was hit earlier this year with two years’ probation and a $100,000 fine for sharing classified information with his lover, Paula Broadwell.
“People should feel bad about someone like Petraeus, a hero, getting in so much trouble, and this woman — nothing happened to her,” Sabin fumed.
Sabin put up his signs Monday morning. He took them in that night, but when they went back up Tuesday, trouble followed: One was stolen that morning, and the other was gone by 4 p.m.

People have been stopping regularly to take pictures with the signs, and one couple even pulled into his driveway to see where they could buy some.
Sabin did consider another possibility behind the vanishing signs. “I would say it’s almost more likely it was taken by a die-hard Republican who wanted it for a souvenir,” he quipped.
I don’t put it passed any Clinton supporter to go and take someone else’s property.  I mean the whole redistribution of wealth thing is still a part of her platform.
To steal a sign though?  

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