September 01, 2015

Terrifying Pens Featuring Hillary Clinton’s Cackling Head Spreading By Mail (7 Pics)

 Vince Coglianese, executive editor of the Daily Caller, received an unpleasant yet hilarious gift in the mail .
At first it seemed to be a Pez™ dispenser, but it may actually just be a pen that for some reason features Hillary Clinton’s blood-curdling laugh.

Clinton’s logo from her 2008 run is also on the pen, which brings up the question if there’s a warehouse full of these somewhere.
Maybe they are being sent out by the Hillary Clinton campaign, or maybe some other group that thinks it’s helping is doing the mailing.
Of course, maybe it’s all a practical joke and it was made by someone who was in the mood to make fun of Hillary by creating a pen with her cackling head on it. 

Twitter users were unsurprisingly mortified with the device.

 Even though they may never be able to recover from the utter terror of this invention, people at least used it to come up with some clever jokes.

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