September 01, 2015

Phone video shows US police shooting man who had his hands raised up

In what may further embitter the relation between law enforcement agencies and the communities, a cell phone video has captured how two deputies of Bexar County Sherrif, shot dead a man after he raised his hands up.
A student from the University of the Incarnate Word named Michael Thomas, who was at the site of incident, made a video of the event and sold it to a news channel KSAT 12 for $100.
The 41-year-old man named Gilbert Flores, was killed by the two Bexar County Sheriff's deputies.
The video clearly shows a shirtless white man running in front of a house in San Antonio, Texas when he sees that he is being approached by two sheriif's deputies - Greg Vasquez, Robert Sanchez.
Then the video shows that on being confronted by the police, the shirtless man raises his hands up, appearing entirely harmless, only to be shot dead by the deputies' bullets after a while.
The incident comes at a time when the cops in US are under the lens after many individuals have been shot dead by the cops.
The Bexar County Sherrif's office has downplayed the video of the shooting as a broadcast done for $100.
However, the KSAT 12 news justifies that the student named Michael Thomas was givn $100 for the video, as he demanded to be paid.
“Before sharing the video with us, Thomas asked for payment. While most viewers share video with us at no charge, we agreed to pay Thomas a $100 licensing fee for the video. It is not uncommon for news organizations to pay for video from freelancers or citizen journalists,” the KSAT 12 quoted its managers as saying.

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