September 16, 2015

N.C. GOP Rep’s Facebook Meme: Obama Is An ‘Islamic Son Of A B*tch’ (IMAGES)

Those on the right have been attacking President Obama since he became a national figure. The attacks aren’t just rooted in policy disagreements, either; most are shockingly personal. Many believe that he was not born in the United States and therefore cannot rightfully be president, while other hold to the false belief that he is a Muslim. Hell, even if he were a Muslim, that should make no difference, since a religious test for office is illegal, per the United States Constitution.
However, what is truly beyond the pale are the attacks from elected representatives. These people are public servants, and they should show respect for the nation’s sitting president. They don’t, though, and some are even proud of their disgusting behavior toward President Obama. The latest attack comes from North Carolina General Assembly member Michael Speciale. Rep. Speciale decided it would be a good idea to post a meme of President Obama with  Israeli Prime Minister and GOP idol Benjamin Netanyahu that calls our sitting president an “Islamic Son of a B*tch.” Here is a screen capture of the photo, in case the good man decides to do the cowardly thing and remove the photo:
 Of course, the meme also goes on to criticize President Obama’s handling of ISIS, which, these loons always forget is the fault of one of their own, President George W. Bush, whose illegal wars destabilized that region in the first place. As you can see, it’s full of disgusting insults that have never before been hurled at any sitting president.
Rep. Speciale is actually proud that the media is picking his insults up, too; he actually posted the news story to his Facebook page.
Well, that’s par for the course for the racist white-wing these days, and I suppose all semblance of decorum and respect have gone out the window for them, even for elected representatives. Then again, what can one expect for a man who proudly displays photos of himself dressed in full Tea Bagger regalia on his social media pages?
Sad state that one of the nation’s major political parties has fallen into, but, then again, I suppose it’s better for them to show the rest of us their true colors.
Featured image via screen capture from Michael Speciale’s Facebook Page

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