October 03, 2015

Dear Mr. President: An Open Letter on Gun-Free Zones and America

The following is an open letter to President Barack Obama regarding his ‘gun free zones’ and the questions I have behind them.
Dear President Obama,
I am a citizen of the United States. Sorry, but not really, that I didn’t vote for you. I am certain, as well, that I will never receive a response to my letter unless it is a form letter or a standard email reply. That’s OK with me.
You see, Mr. President, I take issue with your demand for gun-free zones. You cite Australia as an example of great gun-free zones, yet there was a shooting of 2 police employees hours later. How did that happen, if gun-free zones are all about safety and protection?
In 2012, when you were President,according to NHSTA, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes – one every 51 minutes. Why is my car still parked in my driveway, as long as we are banning objects that supposedly commit crimes? Why is there still a full liquor cabinet at my home, if we are blaming that for the people who died?
You see, it is far too easy to blame the object, rather than the person.
America is under attack, and you seem complacent in allowing it to happen.
There are THOUSANDS of refugees being imported into this country, people we are ‘helping’, while we allow homeless veterans to live on the streets and die in V.A. care. Is this what you envisioned America to be? Allowing those that fought for freedom to be secondhand to the refugees you are allowing to pour in? To allow our social welfare system to collapse upon itself in a classic Cloward-Piven strategy?
This is sickening.
As an American citizen, I demand more.
I demand that we put Americans first. I demand that we serve the needs of those that have served the country. I demand that you, our Commander-in-Chief, stop serving yourself and start serving the Americans that you were elected to support.
President Obama, I respectfully ask you to please turn this around. You can make a difference for so many Americans. Please, if you have any love of country left in your heart, make a change.
Katie F. McGuire
I will post any response I get back to this letter, though I am sure it has fallen on very deaf ears. 

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