October 09, 2015

Diehard Gun Fanatic Dismantles Gun, Admits How Guns Have Ruined His Family’s Life (IMAGES)

 Steve Elliott, a local citizen out of Avery, California, has had enough. He finally took the drastic measure of, once and for all, completely dismantling his last remaining gun.
This latest mass shooting in Oregon reminded him how much guns have negatively affected members in his family, even though, he has always been a responsible gun owner himself.
A couple of days ago, he took to his Facebook account and wrote a post that has since gone viral, telling the world just how he can no longer stand idly by and continue to let this happen. After disassembling his handgun, he put the pieces into a vice before cutting them in half with an angle grinder.
In the post, Steve acknowledges that while he has never done anything to warrant anyone taking his gun away, he’s sick and tired of being used as a justification for why nothing can be done regarding sensible gun legislation. And he’s right.
While gun ownership will never be fully prevented in the United States – due to the 2nd Amendment  –  it has been shown in other countries that certain laws can be formulated to bring down violence tremendously.
Even still, Organizations like the NRA are adamantly opposed to virtually all reasonable gun legislation. It’s preventing solutions from being reached, and it’s preventing lives from being saved.
This one gun owner, at least, isn’t going to continue to stand idly by while guns wreck more havoc within his family. While he recognizes that he got the gun for protection, he hasn’t had to defend himself once. Neither has anyone else in his family. Instead, they used guns in a negative way – and they should never have had possession in the first place he admits.
Steve should be commended for taking this bold stand. It’s a truly inspirational story that stands in the face of hypocrisy from the right. Hopefully others who cling onto their guns with separation anxiety will see the light too, soon enough.

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