October 21, 2015

The REAL Truth About “Gun-Free” Zones the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know (5 Pics)

 Every time there is a public shooting in America, the left automatically trudges out the same old, tired, phony argument for gun control.
They can be quite hysterical and manipulative in their efforts to curtail or eliminate the 2nd Amendment all for the supposed reason to “save the children.”
But, what is the real truth about mass shootings and so-called “gun-free” zones?

The National Review shares some very enlightening facts that the left doesn’t want you to know:
Some have a hard time accepting that criminals can be deterred from committing crimes. They don’t believe that potential mass shooters have second thoughts when faced with the prospect of armed citizens who can fight back. They seem to think that everyday Americans can’t help stop attacks.
But it is getting hard to ignore that mass public shooters keep choosing to attack locations where victims can’t defend themselves. It’s little wonder that gun-control advocates resort to desperate tactics.
Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In Europe, there have been no exceptions. Every mass public shooting — and there have been plenty of mass shooting in Europe — has occurred in a gun-free zone. In addition, they have had three of the six worst K–12 school shootings, and Europe experienced by far the worst mass public shooting perpetrated by a single individual (Norway in 2011, which from the shooting alone left 67 people dead and 110 wounded).
And why is it that most mass murderers choose “gun-free” zones to carry out their insane attacks?
 The answer should be obvious, but don’t expect anyone on the left to see reality right before their eyes.

Here’s the National Review‘s attempt to enlighten them:
Mass killers have even explicitly talked about their desire to attack gun-free zones. The Charleston, S.C., church shooting in June was instead almost a college shooting. But that killer changed his plans after realizing that the College of Charleston had armed guards.
The diary of the “Dark Knight” movie-theater killer, James Holmes, was finally released just a few months ago. Holmes decided not to attack an airport because of what he described in his diary as its “substantial security.” Out of seven theaters showing the Batman movie premiere within 20 minutes of the suspect’s apartment, only one theater banned permitted concealed handguns. That’s the one he attacked.
Or take two cases from last year. Elliot Rodger, who fatally shot three people in Santa Barbara, Calif., explained his reasoning in his 141-page “manifesto.” He ruled out various targets because he worried that someone with a gun would stop his killing spree. Justin Bourque shot to death three people in Canada. On Facebook, Bourque posted a picture of a defenseless victim explaining to killers that guns are prohibited.
Yep, mass killers choose “gun-free” zones because they are cowards and know they won’t have to worry about anyone shooting back.
What about cases where legal gun owners did fight back against potential mass murderers?  We never hear about them on the nightly news, so they don’t exist, right?
 Not even close; the National Review has a list of stories you probably never heard about before now:
— Chicago, April 2015: An Uber driver who had just dropped off a fare “shot and wounded a gunman [Everardo Custodio] who opened fire on a crowd of people.” Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn praised the driver for “acting in self-defense and in the defense of others.”
— Philadelphia, Pa., March 2015: A permit holder was walking by a barber shop when he heard shots fired. He quickly ran into the shop and shot the gunman to death. Police Captain Frank Llewellyn said, “I guess he saved a lot of people in there.”
— Darby, Pa., July 2014: Convicted felon Richard Plotts killed a hospital caseworker and shot the psychiatrist that he was scheduled to meet with. Fortunately, the psychiatrist was a concealed-handgun permit holder and was able to critically wound Plotts. Plotts was still carrying 39 bullets and could have shot many other people.
— Chicago, July 2014: Three gang members fired on four people who had just left a party. Fortunately, one of these four was a military serviceman with a concealed-handgun permit. He was able to return fire and wound the main attacker while keeping the others at bay. The UK’s Daily Mail reported, “The night might have had a very different outcome had the incident occurred a year earlier [before Illinois’s concealed-handgun law was passed].”
— Spartanburg, S.C., March 2012: Armed with a shotgun, Jesse Gates kicked in a door to his church. Concealed-carry permit holder Aaron Guyton drew his gun and held Gates at gun point, enabling other parishioners to disarm Gates. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright called the churchgoers heroes. Though Gates was stopped before anyone was harmed, he was still charged with one count of kidnapping and three counts of pointing and presenting a firearm.
 What all of these facts prove is that those who use mass shootings to take away 2nd Amendment rights really have another agenda in mind.

Tyrannical governments cannot come to power unless the population is disarmed first.
Our Founding Fathers understood this when they gave us the 2nd Amendment.  After all, they lived through it.
It was an attempted government “gun grab” that started the Revolutionary War in the first place.  When British troops were heading for Concord, Mass to confiscate the guns and powder of the colonists, they ran into a stubborn colonial militia in Lexington.
t was there that the “shot heard around the world” was fired and there America had its first birth pangs.

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