October 21, 2015

Common Core Math Craziness on Full Display

The Daily Signal reports a local news station aired “Homework Helper” videos for parents struggling with Common Core requirements:
“When you and I were in school, we used to just memorize 9 plus 6 equals 15. Not anymore. With the Common Core, students need to understand why that’s the case.”

This is the introduction to the first of six “Homework Helper” segments Buffalo, N.Y., NBC affiliate WGRZ is broadcasting this week in honor of back-to-school week. The series is meant to be a helpful tool for parents confused by their children’s Common Core homework this year.
Each morning, a local math teacher takes one simple homework question, and spends a few minutes explaining the methodology required to solve it. Each lesson takes a little over one minute for the teacher to explain.
But here’s the irony: the one-minute lessons are explaining long processes for simple problems like 9 plus 6 — math that took children a few seconds to solve before Common Core standards.
Common Core standards (like them or not) are foreign to everyone. Check out how Common Core wants children to do basic addition and subtraction in the videos below.

Basic Addition:

Basic Subtraction:

It’s absolutely flabbergasting how INSANE America’s education system has become.

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