October 21, 2015

These Charts Officially DECIMATE The Global Warming Myth Once And For All (5 Pics)

 Expect there to be much gnashing of liberal teeth, ladies and gentlemen, for the charts included in this post are designed to once and for all put an end to the myth of global warming.
Global warming alarmists typically use skewed charts like the following to argue that the level of carbon dioxide present in our atmosphere is too high:
 According to Powerline contributor Steven Hayward, however, this is what the same chart would look like if the vertical axis were not compressed:
 As you can see, the rise in CO2 levels is not nearly as bad as the global warming alarmists want us to believe.
Plus, according to a paper published by former climate scientist Dr. Indur Koglany, carbon dioxide emissions are actually at least somewhat beneficial for the environment (H/T Breitbart):
… Dr Indur Goklany, who has previously represented the United States on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), says that the rising level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere “is currently net beneficial for both humanity and the biosphere generally”.
The benefits are real, whereas the costs of warming are uncertain,” he adds.
“Carbon dioxide fertilises plants, and emissions from fossil fuels have already had a hugely beneficial effect on crops, increasing yields by at least 10-15 per cent,” Dr Golkany argues.
“This has not only been good for humankind but for the natural world too, because an acre of land that is not used for crops is an acre of land that is left for nature.”
Now take a look at the following chart, which inaccurately depicts the rise in global temperature over the last few centuries:
 Scary stuff, right? Now take a look at it again:
See the difference?

Global warming alarmists basically misrepresent the data — which itself is oftentimes false — to scare the heck out of those people across the world naive enough to buy into the myth.
Unfortunately them, conservatives are anything but naive!

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