October 21, 2015

Incredible Chart Illustrates Which Party is REALLY Pro-Choice

During the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Reason TV’s producer Zach Weissmueller talked with Obama supporters and found out that the majority were on board with the party’s strong “pro-choice” stance.
But when pressed to talk about whether or not they were pro-choice in areas of human activity beyond abortion, delegates and supporters went the opposite direction.
“I think a lot people make harmful decisions,” one woman said in justifying what she called government’s cigarette, alcohol, and fatty food “interventions.”

When asked about Senator Chuck Schumer‘s successful crusade to ban the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko, delegates had similar responses: “Is it really a choice? You’re deciding to do something that’s not healthy for you,” one woman said.
“That’s a choice, right?” an skeptical Weissmueller responded.
“But if you decide to do something that’s not healthy for you,” she explained, “let’s talk about the results of that action that you take.”
“So people should only be allowed to make good choices?” Weissmueller asked.

“No, people should make the choices that have good results,” she concluded.

“Choice” is a tough issue. Not only with abortion, but clearly with many other aspects in life.
If the American people’s “bad” decisions should require government intervention, where should the line be drawn?

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