October 09, 2015

This is Who Liberals Are Now Calling WORSE Than ISIS

Yet another half-witted leftist meme that is not only disgusting and egregious but fails to look at how the Democrat Party actually DOES support ISIS.
ISIS murder gays, Christians and women. They murder those who believe in free speech. They rape women, young girls and little boys.

Comparing these disgusting pieces of filth to anyone in the United States shows what disgusting pieces of filth Occupy Democrats actually are.
But wait just a minute. Which party is the party that is ENABLING ISIS to continue murdering gays, Christians, Jews and women? That would be the Democrat Party.
Obama has not only enabled ISIS to continue to grow throughout the Middle East but he’s actually welcomed them to the United States with open arms by doing nothing about our borders and by bringing Syrian refugees here without fully vetting them.
This is from the same people who believe in abortion on demand up until the day before a woman is due to give birth for ANY reason. This is from the same people who believe old people should just die because they are poor.

These are the same people that are the party of eugenicists who believe in culling the less desirable races and sterilizing those they feel shouldn’t reproduce.
Yes there IS a party that’s almost as bad as ISIS but it’s the Democrat Party. The only difference is ISIS is the one holding the swords in their hands in the photos.

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