October 15, 2015

THIS is Why So Many Young People Support Bernie Sanders For President

Forbes reports which Democratic candidate seemed to have won on millennial issues at last night’s debate:
Win the youth vote and win the presidency. At least that’s been the case for the last few elections. Democrats scored the majority of voters under age 30 in the 2012 and 2008 elections and if any of the 2016 hopefuls want a seat in the Oval Office, they’ll have to entice the coveted demographic once again.
During last night’s first Democratic debate, the nation came face-to-face with Democratic frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and had a chance to see what newcomers Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee had to offer. Viewers tuned in to hear the candidates discuss a number of important issues, including the crisis in Syria, money in politics and immigration reform. While the candidates talked extensively about taking down billionaires and cleaning up Wall Street, who had the most to say about millennial issues? Many assert that Clinton won the overall debate and appealed to young voters, but the winner on millennial issues was Bernie Sanders.

Although the candidates used buzz words like college affordability, marriage equality, and LGTBQ rights, eliciting immediate applause, Bernie delivered the most comprehensive vision for how millennials would benefit from a Sanders presidency. His focus on climate change as the world’s greatest threat to national security, making college tuition free, and stating that black lives matter in response to a video question proved to be significant moments when the 74-year old senator connected with a much younger demographic. He discussed his plan to make public college tuition-free, funded by a tax on Wall Street speculation, and how it was inspired by countries like Finland and Norway that have implemented universal higher education. His hope to reform college affordability is a pressing concern that amounts to $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loan debt for young Americans, causing recent graduates to question whether college is really worth the cost.
Along the campaign trail, Sanders has been a clear favorite for millennials. This is evident in the massive number of young people he’s drawn to his rallies. During the summer, Sanders spoke to more than 100,000 people who flocked to see him at his various appearances across the country. He’s also added to his online following when, during the course of last night’s debate, Sanders gained more than 35,000 new Twitter followers. His strong statements on curbing gun violence and letting go of Clinton’s email scandal also resonated with the assembled audience.

Maybe millennials should stop being indoctrinated in school and then they’ll see that Sanders is a moron.
Climate change as not the world’s greatest threat to national security and the entire education system needs to completely reformed. Making college tuition free won’t stop the colleges from being places where young minds get poisoned with liberal lies.

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