October 15, 2015

LIBERAL LIES EXPOSED: Everyone Should Make at Least $15 Hr

The absolute idiocy of this meme shows how ignorant Democrats are when it comes to the economy.
What they fail to realize is when the government mandates an increase in the minimum wage (which affects less than 2 million workers), the costs associated with that increase have to be made up elsewhere.
Since this mandated increase on unskilled workers hurts small businesses the most, the first thing many businesses will do is raise their prices.

How does increased prices of consumer goods actually incentivize consumers to BUY? It doesn’t.
The people who received the forced increase will be in the same position as they were before.
But then you have the people who receive no increase. The people who were actually earning a higher income because they actually have skills. These people and everyone above them will see no increase yet pay higher prices for the same goods.
This doesn’t help the economy since it decreases the purchase of goods.
As we’ve already seen in city after city that have mandated this ridiculous increase in minimum wage, hours are cut, jobs are killed and in some cases businesses completely closed.

Not only did it do NOTHING for the consumer but it hurt workers as well.
If anything, raising the minimum wage has the opposite effect on a ‘consumer-based economy’ than the ignorant and uneducated left will tell you.
Of course, for those who know the truth on the left, this is their intention. Kill the economy to make it a government-dependent one.

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