November 06, 2015

Barack Obama’s Pathetic Legacy Revealed In One Blockbuster Tweet

 A well-timed tweet posted by Republican strategist Rory Cooper on Tuesday, a day after Tea Party conservatives devastated liberals in several key elections across the country, perfectly highlighted how President Barack Hussein Obama has single-handedly nearly destroyed the Democratic Party:
 Even leftist Matt Yglesias, a contributor for Vox, agreed that “[t]he Democratic Party is in much greater peril than its leaders or supports recognize”:
Not only have Republicans won most elections, but they have a perfectly reasonable plan for trying to recapture the White House. But Democrats have nothing at all in the works to redress their crippling weakness down the ballot. Democrats aren’t even talking about how to improve on their weak points, because by and large they don’t even admit that they exist.
Yep. The Democrats are too busy mocking Republicans to realize that the epic overreaches made by President Barack Obama and his cronies — including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who shamelessly blocked the passage of “Kate’s Law” this Wednesday — have become too much for most Americans to bear
The fact is that Democrats care more about empowering illegal immigrants, Islamic radicals and “Black Lives Matter” terrorists than they do about the rest of us.

But hey, if they want to continue treading down the path of self-destruction, then please be my guest!
Buh bye, Democrats!

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