November 06, 2015

Brutal Meme Offers Simple Solution to Illegal Immigration

Sierra Marlee reports that Donald Trump could win over Hispanics who fear job competition from illegals:
If you listen to the mainstream media, Donald Trump has no chance of securing the Hispanic vote due to his staunchly anti-illegal immigration beliefs. It is entirely possible, however, that he COULD see the support of some Latinos who fear losing their jobs to illegal aliens.
Pollsters and activists believe that a section of the Hispanic population could actually support Trump in the 2016 election. His perceived economic competence and ability to create jobs could appeal greatly to Hispanics who work and tend to vote, despite his stance on illegal immigration.
“This stuff you read about how Hispanics are going to run away from Trump in droves is a Northeastern myth,” said longtime presidential campaign adviser Mark Sanders.
“Most Hispanics here in East Texas are here legally, they vote, and they are hard-line opponents of illegal immigration,” said Mr. Sanders, a top adviser in Democrat Tony Sanchez’s 2002 campaign to unseat then-Gov. Rick Perry. “The only one they want is Trump — not Hillary, not Bernie. That’s the conundrum for Democrats.”

Some Latinos don’t care much for Trump, but would vote for him just for the jobs he’s promising to create.
“I don’t care if he likes me or not as a Hispanic or Latino, as long he creates the jobs he promised,” said Carlo Maffatt, a Mexican immigrant who lives in Las Vegas and who did political liaison work in the Hispanic community for Republicans during the 2012 presidential election. “He is never going to take me out for a beer, so it doesn’t matter whether I like him or not either.
“The job of the president of the United Stats is to create jobs, not to be the friend of every American,” Mr. Maffattsaid.
Mr. Maffatt said recent Hispanic immigrants have plenty of reason to favor Mr. Trump: They don’t want new immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, competing for “a job for whatever anyone will give them.”

“When we are new here and desperately trying to make a living, we will charge less than white Anglo-Saxons. We eventually improve our lot, but then when we have more new immigrants coming in, [and] we’re the first to lose our jobs because they’re willing to work for less money,” he said.
Admittedly, Mr. Maffatt’s analysis runs counter to what many TV pollsters and pundits have said in recent weeks. One national poll this fall had Mr. Trump’s unfavorability among Hispanics at a death-rattling 82 percent.
Do you think Trump can garner the favorability of Hispanics?

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