November 02, 2015

Child Abuse: Libs Exploiting This 6 Year-old in SICK & TWISTED Way

 The “gender-confused” will go to any length to prove their legitimacy, even to the point of destroying the lives of innocent children.
Denying the reality of biology, this movement is hell-bent on eliminating the concepts of male and female from society.
Living in a fantasy world of their own making, they believe that simple changing clothes, names, sometimes even body parts will magically transform them into the opposite sex.
Of course, all of the hormone treatments and plastic surgery in the world will not touch the basic DNA and chromosomal make up of any human being.
But, reality be damned as one new “pseudo-reality” show is portraying.  Breitbart has the sad story:
In a frightening sign of how even the youngest of children can now be exploited by gender-confused fanatics, six-year-old Devina Keswani—originally named Dev and born male but now assuming the role of female—is starring in a new web series created for The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family.
The prototypical 21st century American family, the Keswanis include Big Nik, the 17-year-old star on Vine who suffers from dwarfism; Sarina, 15, the shy teenager learning to pose in a bikini for beauty pageants; Anil, the father who is a doctor; and Vaishali, the mom.
The parents live in a world all their own—in the third episode of the series, Vaishali insists, “The day Dev could walk, the walk was feminine. The day Dev could talk, it was really feminine.”
Anil boasts, “We had this perfect kid.” Then he adds, “But it wasn’t easy. There was something that was not clicking.”

How silly – a little toddler doesn’t walk like a man and it must mean he’s really a “she.”  A little toddler doesn’t speak with a baritone voice and suddenly his parents know he was born the wrong gender.
 And how did they confirm their “suspicions”?  Breitbart shares that shocking revelation:
A kindergarten teacher set the parents straight, telling them that one of the child’s assignments indicated something might be awry. The parents then discussed the situation with their kindergarten child. According to People, “the family realized they couldn’t deny Devina’s true self any longer.”
Vaishali hardly hesitated; “It took me about 30 seconds to take that in. I just wrapped my arms around her and said ‘You will never have to be Dev again, ever.’”
Now Devina hangs out with “peers,” such as Lily Rubenstein, a transgender 15-year-old. Rubenstein pontificated, “Family support is the number one way to ensure that your child will have a happy and healthy transition. The Keswanis are setting the example here. Because of their support, Devina has been able to live a happy and authentic life. There is nothing better than being able to do that.”
Wow!  What experts to confirm their diagnosis – a left-wing kindergarten teacher and “gender-confused” teenager; who is now hanging out with a 6 year-old!
Can anyone else see this screams, “Child Abuse!!“?
Welcome to the world of the secular socialist society Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their horde of media minions are shoving down America’s throat.
And, how is this “child star” going to promote this new, imposed self-revelation?  Breitbart continues the sad tale:
Devina claims in the series that a transgenderphobic boy bullied Devina. The child has also joined the Girl Scouts. In the series, Devina plans to speak at school about transgenderism.
So, another 6 year-old boy thought it was weird for a boy in his class to pretend to be a girl and he is now labeled with a “pc” psychological disorder.
This “transgender” celebrity is infiltrating the local girl scout troop.  (That could get interesting come puberty time.)

And, this 6 year-old “expert” on all thing gender-related is set to begin a recruitment speaking tour to lead more of his fellow elementary school students out of the bondage of “maleness” and “femaleness.”
America is toast if people can’t see the hideous wrongs going on here.
But sadly, one little boy’s life will be destroyed by all kinds of adults seeking to exploit him and his gullible parents.

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