January 08, 2016

8 Foods You Might Not Find In The Coming Years

Nowadays, we are facing drastic climatic changes. We can see more floods, droughts, heat waves, extreme weather conditions and even wildlife fire. Our wildlife is either shifting to other favorable locations or just dying. This is all due to the result of global warming.
You might have noticed that winters are too cold and the summers are too hot. Sometimes, the winters are warm and summers may be cold. All these changes in the temperature will affect the production of some natural foods in one way or the other.
It is sad to know that some foods that are an important part of our daily dietwill disappear soon. In the coming years, the produce of many important foods will decrease and there will be a shortage of the same.
The effect of global warming can also be seen on the sea foods, as they are getting vanished day by day. The climate changes have major effects on the food production, as most foods require a consistent weather to grow, whether hot or cold.
Hence, here are the foods that may get disappeared in the coming future.

Apples A study has shown that apple trees might not grow in the coming future. This temperate fruit needs a certain period of winter chill for its proper growth. Due to global warming, the winter temperature may rise, affecting the apple produce in the near future. 

Rice Due to an increase in the temperature, there have been major changes in the rainfall patterns. This will affect the water resources and also there will be changes in the land, leading to a decreased or negligible production of rice. 

Beans High temperatures, due to global warming, could also decline beans produce, and the decrease may be more than 25 percent in the future. Beans are very sensitive to high temperatures and fail to grow in a higher temperature. 

Sea foods Due to climatic changes, there will be more acidity in the natural water bodies such as oceans. The oceans will absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, causing an increase in their acidity level. This increased acidity will prevent the growth of fishes, crabs, lobsters, oysters, shrimps, etc. 

Chocolate It will be surprising to know that about one billion people around the world eat chocolate every day. It is also sad to hear that this food will soon get disappeared from the world. By the year 2050, chocolates are likely to get disappeared; as the topography of Ghana, where half of the world's chocolate is sourced in the form of cocoa beans, will be changed due to global warming. 

Peanuts Since peanuts grow in flat areas, they are most likely to get affected by the temperature changes. They need a stable cool temperature for their proper growth and that is impossible to find in the near future. 
Potatoes In the coming years, potato produce will be drastically affected by climatic changes. Peru, which is the largest producer of potatoes, will have to shift the cultivation of potatoes to higher altitudes due to rising surface temperatures. It may take 40 years when the produce will get completely affected. 

Beer Due to a changing climate, beer is already produced less, as it is difficult to secure stable water supplies. A study has shown that people will face a risk of water shortage in the near future due to global warming. 

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