January 14, 2016

Veiled Figures Carved Out of Marble by Antonio Corradini

Antonio Corradini (1688 – 1752) was a Venetian Rococo sculptor. Corradini was born in Venice and worked mainly in the Veneto but also completed commissions across Europe, living for periods of his life in Germany, Vienna and Naples—where he died—shortly after completing Modesty (below), arguably his most celebrated work.
Corradini was apprenticed to the sculptor Antonio Tarsia starting at the age of fourteen or fifteen. He started coming into his own as a sculptor in 1709, opening up his own workshop in 1713.
Corradini was best known for his veiled marble statues which words cannot describe; the artistry is truly a sight to behold. Below you will find four examples of these extraordinary works of art.

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