May 04, 2012

Failed Food Products You'll Never Eat Again

Remember all those food products companies have released, attempted, and failed miserably at selling to the mass public? From frozen dinners to psycho soda pops, here are 6 food products that maybe never should have made it to the shelf. Get ready to take a walk down memory lane, with a few food items you may wish you didn't remember at all.

1. Heinz EZ Squeeze

Blue Ketchup. Marketed to consumers as Heinz EZ Squirt, the blue, green, and purple colored ketchups has my kids begging us to go to the grocery store. Once we got it home and plopped it onto our hamburgers, they couldn't even take a bite. The over-tinted product looked like a bad batch of the red stuff.

2. Mixed Vegetable Jell-O

Mixed Vegetable Jello? You better believe it. And it's release was accompanied by the "celery" flavored Jell-O, as well. Needless to say, the veggie flavors didn't take off as expected and this product was pulled off the shelves before long.

3. Orbitz Drinks

Marketed as a ""texturally enhanced alternative beverage" these lava-lampesque drinks were introduced in 1997, but quickly disappeared due to poor sales. Not much of a surprise, if you were one of the folks who purchased a bottle, and swigged down the hyper-sweet drinks with a texture just syrupy enough to suspend little gelatin balls throughout the bottles.

4. WOW! Chips

Made with Olestra, a lower-fat oil, these chips promised all the flavor of traditional chips, and less of the fat. Unfortunately, the magic oil also came with wicked side-effects, like diarrhea and stomach cramps. Though they debuted in 1998 as one of the highest selling new products, these chips were eventually rebranded, then pulled from shelves and replaced with "baked" versions of your favorite chips.

5. Pepsi Blue

Even though Britney Spears helped with the marketing, Pepsi Blue met it's demise in 2004, after attempting to compete with Vanilla Coke. Apparently, some people found it's berry, cotton-candy flavor less than desirable.

6. Oven-Baked Swanson TV Dinners

With the invention of microwaves came the demise of the foil-panned Swanson TV dinner. Though I have fond memories of waiting the half-hour of bake time to cook up fried chicken , soggy veggies, and a spongy brownie, waiting that long for meals nowadays is apparently much too inconvenient.

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