May 01, 2015

Charms of Nature – Top 7 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

The unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil can have profound positive effects on health, including enhances nutrient absorption, promotes weight loss, improves brain function and various other great benefits.
Following are top health benefits of this “superfood” that have been experimentally confirmed in the studies. It isn’t just an amazing tool to cook with but it is also a great product to use for beauty. Read on to find out some of the uses of coconut oil you can try, you won’t be upset with the results!
Make your own exfoliator
You can make exfoliator by yourself by mixing together 2 tablespoons of sugar with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Put it in a container and use it regularly.
A good tool to do as a makeup remover
It’s simple to use coconut oil as an eye makeup remover, all you need is a cotton ball and coconut oil, it works effectively on waterproof make up as well.
It’s a good body moisturizer
Coconut oil has been widely accepted by people as a full body moisturizer, applying it to your body throughout the day and then you will feel the difference, you can get soft and smooth skin to use coconut oil regularly.
Keep your cuticles healthy
Apply coconut oil on your cuticles and it will make your nails healthy and strong, it can lock the water of the nail and prevent it from any breakage. Say goodbye to rough, dry brittle nails with the help of coconut oil from now on. Besides, rubbing coconut oil regularly over the nails will promote faster growth of nails too.
A natural deodorant recipe
You can apply coconut oil directly to your armpits to eliminate the smell, but there is a better choice. You can make your own deodorant by mixing 1/3 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup baking soda,1/4 cup arrowroot powder and 4 tablespoons cornstarch. It works great and totally naturally.
It’s good for chapped lips
Coconut oil works well for treating the dried and chapped lips, and it’s easy to use, take some oil on the tip of your finger and spread it on your lips, this is the easiest way to cure chapped lips. You can also make a mixture of coconut oil with olive oil or any other oils to provide moisture for your lips.
Use it to heal a sunburn
Need a natural sunburn remedy? Try coconut oil! A simple sunburn healing remedy to heal your sunburn in just 2 steps: Firstly, wet a washcloth with cold water and splash on a little apple cider vinegar to the cloth. Put the wet cloth to your sunburn area and wait for some minutes till your skin become dry. The next step: Rub on some coconut oil to the sunburned area, it helps cooling the skin and releasing the heat effectively.

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