May 01, 2015

Why You Should Start Brushing Your Teeth With Coconut Oil Today

Oil pulling is a very old Ayurvedic practice people have done for thousands of years to improve overall health. In addition to brushing your teeth, you can simply swish it around in your mouth and it helps kill harmful bacteria and other organisms.

How is it done? Pretty easily. You just swish a bit of coconut oil around in your mouth.  Be sure to spit into the garbage as enough coconut oil will plug your plumbing.
  1. Reduces bad breath by killing gums disease. Coconut oil has antibacterial agents that help end gums disease which is a leading cause of bad breath. Coconut oil also helps defeat cavities.
  2. Coconut oil helps treat TMJ and jaw pain. Oil pulling is known to help strengthen the jaw and relieve TMJ and soreness in the jaw area. You might be sore from the swishing at first, but your jaw gets stronger.
  3. Coconut oil whitens your teeth.
  4. Coconut oil improves skin conditions. How does brushing with coconut oil help your skin? It helps remove toxins from your body through the mouth, thus decreasing the likeliness of breakouts.
  5. Coconut oil relieves headaches and migraines.
  6. Supports healthy kidneys and liver. By removing toxins from your bloodstream, coconut oil eases up the amount of work your kidneys and liver need to do.
  7. Coconut oil might alleviate asthma and congestion. The jury is still out a bit on this one. Some cases have shown coconut oil pulling to help clear up inflammation of the lungs that causes asthma, as well as clearing up bronchitis and congestion. Tread with caution regarding using it as a treatment for any serious disease.

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